Thursday, July 17, 2008

alive and married!

i wrote a long post in the airport on sunday, but its on cody's computer and i'm enjoying project runway right now so i dont want to rewrite it.

so, i am writing you to say we are home, we had a fabulous honeymoon catching up on sleep and actually getting to spend time with each other again.. amen for no curfews!!!

the wedding was unbelievable. i am sorry if you were not able to make it. if i thought people would watch the 40 minute ceremony i would put it on youtube. and i would watch it every day because that's how perfect the ceremony was for us.

so in the interest of time, and that its too late for me to write a lot tonight, i want to share some of the emails with you that my mom received after the wedding. then i'll include some pictures that you've probably already seen on facebook.

here are some of the comments... and tonja is my mom if you didn't know...

Truly the most beautiful and spirit filled wedding that I have attended.
Incredible work with incredible results.

Your heart and your love of The Father and of Abby was reflected in the wedding ceremony. Such love that can only be experienced as no words can express the love that was shown and felt in the wedding ceremony.

To see and experience the wedding ceremony gives me new hope and anticipation of the beauty of The Father coming back for His bride/us!!!

Tonja, I was the one truly blessed by the Thursday celebration. What an incredible idea and experience--I will remember. And the wedding--wow--I thought it was perfect in every way!!! I visited with Celia (who used to be Clark and is now McCauley) and she said that she had not thought of Tonya Horrell in ages, but she dreamed about you one day last week. She said that God regularly does this so that she knows to pray for someone. I thought that was so great because I had to tell her that Abby got married and that I was sure that God told her to pray for you the week of the wedding. God is so good and meets our needs!! It is nice to know that God had you on His heart last week!! You are a special friend and we really should hang out sometime. Take care and God blesss, Love you, Pam

Here are a few of my favorite things from Abby’s wedding:

1.You couldn’t see it, but as Abby rounded the corner to come down the center aisle, she just couldn’t stand it. She peaked around the corner with this huge smile on her face trying to catch a glimpse of Cody. Adorable!
2.The salt covenant. What a cool thing!
3.The fact that you played the bridal march.
4. When he straightened her dress. He must be a precious young man with a servant heart to even think about doing that for her.
5.The frame with her journal entry in it. “Dear Lord Baby Jesus, I think I am going to marry Cody Neinast. Oh my gosh!”
6.Watching you watch Steve and Abby dance together.
7. The fact that you had music and decorations in the walk-way to the reception. You always think of everything.

There were so many incredible moments and it was an evening filled with such a wonderful spirit and joy for the Lord. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it.

Love you friend,

so there you go.. a brief look into the wedding. there will be much more to come, but for now i'm calling it a night!


  1. Simply beautiful! Congrats again!!!

  2. no doubt. your wedding ruled. you are precious. if we all only had half the style you have! :)


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