Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4 days and counting...

a quick blog about wedding nothings..

everything is starting to come together. my dad and brother spent all of yesterday afternoon hanging icicle lights and beautiful painted canvas at the reception sight. each thing we check of the list says, yes! it's actually here!!!

it would be nice if i had pictures to enhance this post, but no such luck today. this was basically a "hey i haven't died from wedding stress and i havent killed cody either" post.

please pray for both my mom and i. she's been having trouble sleeping for the mast month and a half, and i am starting to have problems this week too. we're not the no sleep type, especially right now when we have so much to get done during the day and we need lots and lots of energy.

can't wait to write a post that actually has developed thoughts for you.. but i don't think that will happen for a while!

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