Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back. {with some Pudding Love}

Sorry to have fallen off the face of the blogging world. I feel like we have been running nonstop for the past two weeks and I am just about done. Griff and I headed to my parent's house last Thursday to spend the weekend with my parents and my brother's family. As much as I love Griffin and my nephew Jax, put together a 21 month old and a 16 month old for 3 days... I might as well have been hit by a tornado! This picture my mom snapped of the boys about sums up how we all felt by Sunday night:


{poor griff. he'll never live down this photo!}

While I was enjoying a weekend at home, Cody was here working hard transforming our kitchen floors. Here is a before & after for you:


I know. They are so awesome. The before picture doesn't even fully do it justice to just how ugly they were. As great as the after is, I needed to pick up one more package of floors for Cody to finish, plus the baseboards still need to be put back in. Until those are back in, there's no point in moving the furniture back in. No baseboards means no furniture in place which means a messy house.

I don't know about you, but a messy house + a tired momma + an active toddler who enjoys being entertained daily = potential major meltdown.

When I sense a major momma meltdown coming on, I know it's time to take a deep breath, ignore the mess, and try to make a special memory on a simple day. Yesterday our special memory was all about the Kozy Shack Pudding.


Griff believes that pudding should be served with more pudding.


And as a mom, I know I'm making a good choice by serving Kozy Shack Pudding with simple, wholesome ingredients.  Delicious for mom and Griff!


(no pudding face from mom. I have my standards people!)


Cody went out of town this afternoon so Griff and I spent the evening at McDonalds.  G ended up playing with another little boy that was in the play place and I realized later that he was there hanging out with his grandmother, waiting to see his mom as she came in to clean the area and took a short break from work. I can't imagine that she's working at Mickey D's just for the fun of it, so I assume she's probably doing whatever it takes to get by and still see her son for a bit. Isn't that what all moms are trying to do- spend a few moments every day making their kid feel special? 

Many thanks to Kozy Shack for helping me to create a simple, special moment in the midst of a potential meltdown. Next time we'll hopefully get to enjoy with our furniture back in place!


  1. Love the new floors!! Can he come do mine next?

  2. Checked out your post and hope you'll return the favor on my Kozy Shack blog post!

  3. That is the best pudding face ever! Please check out my Kozy Shack post!