Friday, June 6, 2014

5 on Friday


Thanks to a simple question to the right person, our city changed the splash pad hours so that it's open in the mornings. Today was the first day for the new hours and we had at least a 10 moms and kids show up to play.  You better believe you will find us here most mornings this summer! As I told Cody, it's as close to pre-kid pools days as it gets - no fear of drowning, the kids are inclosed and mom gets to sit and work on her tan!  

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photo 2.JPG

Plus, the sleepy kid afterwards is a major bonus too!


photo 1.PNG

One of our local boutiques is selling this shirt. At first I thought it was for adults, but then realized it's for kids... Fits our little man perfectly! Honestly, it's $25 which is a little more than I really want to pay for a tee for Griff, so I think this will have to be my next craft project!


This kid. KILLS me. 

photo 2.JPG
a snack on the ride home 
photo 1.JPG
riding in style at home depot 

brushing his teeth. after I told him not to. with MY toothbrush!



I do most of our shopping at Walmart because of convenience, but I can't deny that United Supermarkets has some great sales on meat. This week ground turkey was buy 1 get 1 free. I like to have a lot of meat in the freezer to make menu planning easier, so I went a little crazy... 16 lbs for $33! Plus I still have gift cards from the pounding our church had for us when we first moved here, so we're set for the summer! (sales go Wednesday - Tuesday if you have one in your area and want to stock up!) 


A few weeks ago we kept a couple of girls in our youth group over night while their parents were out of town.  While they were here we each made a canvas to help pass the time. I made this one based off of something they found on Pinterest. This was one of the easiest projects I've done and turned out really cute. If you are hanging out with teens and want a fun way to entertain everyone, try that!  

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