Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cows & Ambulances

Last week was too much fun around these parts! It started off with a Mops field trip out to our local dairy farm:


Growing up in a community where cows are a main economical source (they don't call us the Beef Capital of the World for nothing!) I think I was way more interested in this field trip than most of the kids!   While I don't remember them saying how many cows were at this particular dairy, they produce between 3-4 semi loads of milk per day, with each individual cow giving about 8 gallons. (makes nursing a baby seem easier, huh!) Our local dairy also has a contract with Daisy Sour Cream, so if you happen to buy that brand, you're actually most likely buying a product that started out in Snyder, TX!


We were able to love on some of the brand new calves, less than 12 hours old. Griff LOVED hugging on them, but he was too quick for me to snap a picture. Cows have the same gestational period as humans, but are more fertile during the winter months so that the babies are then born during the summer. Laura, our guide, said that on some days, they'll have up to 30 babies born on one day! Can you imagine?



Griff loved seeing all of the "moos!" but his favorite part was enjoying their hard work!


As if the dairy farm wasn't enough fun, later that night we went to the open house of our hospital's new Air Rescue building (meaning... the helicopter!) Noni and Boots happened to be coming through town that night so they were able to join us for the fun!





Ketchup on our face... buttons everywhere... Griffin was in heaven!



It was a busy day but I'm thankful our little town has some fun activities to offer! 

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