Monday, July 23, 2012

Take That Weekend.

Every Friday morning, I wake up so excited for the day. I spend my office hours day dreaming about all of the wonderful things I'm going to be able to accomplish starting at 5 p.m.

Every Friday at 5, I wonder how in the world I ever thought I would be able to accomplish all of my plans. So I end up tossing my plans out the window and laying down for a nap.

This past Friday was no exception to my pattern. I even took a much longer nap that normal. We had leftovers for dinner and settled into the couch for an evening of DVR catch up. After one show though, something came over me and I began to tackle one of the biggest projects that has been hanging over my head on my "before Griffin comes to-do list:"

organizing my craft room.

There are no before pictures because I am too prideful of a person. It was rough though.  As we've been cleaning out other rooms in the house, stuff that we didn't really know where to go just ended up on the floor of my craft room, leaving me unable to even get in there, much less actually use the space.

After six hours on Friday and Saturday morning, I am proud that I finally have a useable space again! {just in time for a few projects before Griffin comes!}  I should have taken pictures with my nice camera before it got dark, but these will have to work. I still plan on having Cody build me a shelf along one wall and getting a few more baskets to better organize some items, but I at least have the majority of the work done.

craft room

One of the biggest differences is probably in my fabric storage. I can't remember where I first saw the idea (it was actually before the days of pinterest!) , but I  {or cody} cut cardboard boxes down to the similar size and created my own bolts of fabric. Previously I just had it folded on the shelf, which made it hard to see and took up more space than it should have.  If you have a lot of fabric and need a better way to store it, you should definitely look into making your own bolts!

I even surprised myself by carrying over my productivity to Sunday. We went to church, had lunch with our Sunday school class, grabbed a quick nap, then headed to the theatre to catch an afternoon showing of The Dark Knight Rises. It was almost 7 by the time we made it home and, like usual, I really just wanted to "rest" for the evening. {rest sounds so much better than be lazy!}  I resisted my laziness urge and ended up organizing two hot spots in our bedroom: my nightstand, which was covered with a random hodge podge of books, magazines and stuff, and this basket where my extra makeup piles up.  

Knocking these items off of my to-do list have lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders! The list certainly isn't finished yet, but it's definitely a major step in the right direction. And just to keep it real and show you what life is really like around these parts, today I realized that I was a little past due on vacuuming our carpet when the maxi skirt I was wearing kept picking up stickers off of our carpet!  There's not much I can do but laugh at my own housekeeping skills... and maybe say that vacuuming is now Cody's job!


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