Sunday, July 22, 2012

Littlefield Baby Shower

Last Friday Cody and I jetted off for a quick weekend in his hometown for our first baby shower!  Anytime we have a chance to go home our trips always seem too fast and furious, leaving us wishing for more time with family. This trip was certainly no exception to that! Despite how quick it felt, we are so thankful for friends and family that blessed us with some great stuff for Griffin!

shower 3
{the girls - bami, meme, me, noni, oma}  {showing off that belly} {book & bunny from noni}  {cody's family} {bami & mom}

shower 1
{in my queen's chair} {some of the presents pre-sent.. sneak peak of the bedding!}
{video camera from cody's parents!} {mom's gift, complete with the perfect turquoise g!} { a cute hooded towel}
{lots of sweets gifts for our little man!}

most of these pictures require a little bit more of a story:
shower 2
checking out everything we got //  opening my present from my mom - many years ago, when she was going to have her first baby, Bami bought Mom pretty gowns and a robe to wear in the hospital, so she did the same for me! I really had a robe and gown on my list of items to get before G arrives and I'm so thankful to have them with a special meaning!

this quilt was made by one of my MIL's best friends. She stalked some of our pictures on facebook to look at colors for the nursery and created a masterpiece that is so beautiful! The colors are just gorgeous and I cannot even imagine how much time and effort it took!

And finally, Griffin's afghan from Bami!  Many years ago when my cousin Erin was expecting her first baby, Bami started making these beautiful pale baby blue and white crocheted blankets for the future great grandkids. {I'm sure she made some pinks ones too... they just haven't been needed yet sadly!} I can't even imagine the countless times Bami has actually repaired these blankets due to the all of the love the current 5 great grandsons have shown them!  Though I would have loved any blanket that Bami made, she knew that baby blue and white just aren't really me, so she found yarn to match our bedding.  It is just so perfect and I cannot wait to wrap up little Griffin in it!

Here's a funny little story about this blanket. These bright colors caused a little bit of trouble in the pattern of the crocheting. It was hard to find the right balance between how much turquoise, lime green and multi colored yarn to use, which not only resulted in Bami having to tear out and re-do it several times, but started a joke among her friends about the blanket for Juan. {let's be honest, my love of bright colors can easily look like a fiesta!}  Apparently her group joked around so much about Juan's blanket, that when one of the newer members saw a picture of Cody and I,  he questioned if Cody was my husband or not and then said, "Well, he certainly doesn't look hispanic!"  We're still laughing about this one!

It was a great weekend and we're thankful for the many gifts we received for Griff!


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