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Was today a long day for y'all too? Ok, I have to admit my day flew by rather quickly, but knowing that we have something on our schedule almost every single night until we'll head home for the holidays just makes me tired thinking about it. I know it's all fun stuff that we choose to be a part of, but the busyness sure makes it hard to slow down and enjoy the season!

Our church did provide us with a really great resource to use every day. It's the Buckner Advent Devotional Guide and it has daily, short devotionals focused on the different Advent weeks. If you go to a Baptist church, you might be able to pick up a hard copy of it, but if not, take the time to download it online. You won't regret it!

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Kelly put up a fun blog post today about taking her girls to see Santa {the pictures are funny. go look!}  It's unfortunate, but almost expected with blog as big as her's that she had to put a disclaimer at the top as to how they feel about Santa and that the comment section would not be open to be a debate over people's beliefs. I don't normally read her comments, but I did today to see what people were saying.  The very first comment was this:

I have heard the great Bible teacher, Warren Wiersbe say, "Blessed are the balanced." That is the view that we have always taken in seeking to live our lives as Christians in this world. But the teeter-totter of life was always heavier on the Christian side of life. So a lot of Jesus with a little of Santa is a good way to approach this season with your children. The fantasies of childhood will give way to the harsh realities of adulthood soon enough. Loved your comments Kelly. But most of all I loved seeing my girls both on Santa's lap and in the photo booth. You are a wonderful mom! - Love, Dad.

First, I think it was super sweet that her dad left the comment. I could see my own dad through it and I hope that those of you reading have someone who supports you with uplifting words like these. Second, and what my real point is, is that he hit the nail with the quote, "Blessed are the balanced." That is exactly what our lives are to be like. We are balanced in the world, but we are not of the world.

Recently I prayed and asked God to help me to be generous to what I give to other's and stingy with what I spend on myself.  Sometimes I feel like the Lord is very quiet when it comes to answering my prayers.  Not so much when it comes to this one! He's placed several situations in my hands that I cannot ignore. I tried. I got my prayer mixed up and wanted to be generous to myself and stingy with them. But He keeps me balanced. And gently reminds me that I asked to change and with His help, I can. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Philippians 2:13

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What does your family do to celebrate Advent during this busy season?
Is, was or will Santa be a part of your holiday traditions?


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