Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i changed my name today, and i hope to change it again tomorrow.


i made the kinda overdue visit to the social security office today with our marriage license in hand to get my name changed so i can get my new driver's license in a few weeks (side note: i already have my outfit picked out).

1. the ss office is a crazy place and it smells funny. it's ironic all of the life and death that occur in that building. there were people filing for disability, getting things in order because someone was in the hospital and porbably about to die, there was a couple with their 3 kids who served as translators, and i dont know what happened, but they walked out with a piece of paper and lots of joy on their faces. and then there was me.

2. i have not put much thought into my name change. i knew it was coming, despite my prolonging. don't get me wrong, i am totally excited about getting married and being cody's wife, but boy howdy, it is not easy to lose your name. i have been abby horrell for 24 years. i am who i am and who i will be because of the foundations that were set in place while i was abby horrell. so it is no knock against neinast in this name change, it is just emotional to be stripped away of the name that means so much to you, and even more emotional that it only takes a matter of minutes.

i am calling now to see what a 2nd name change costs. and hopefully, from here on out, you can know me as abby deneince neinast, but the social security and all other officials shall know me as abby horrell neinast. no hyphen. and yes, possibly the weirdest middle name ever stated (and i feel sad for the people who can beat it out) but horrell needs to stay apart of who i am.

whew. did not expect these emotions when i woke up today.


  1. I wept at the social security office. i went in there with every intention of being erin elizabeth moon, but when it came right down to it, i couldn't let go of the hicks. so elizabeth got the bump. i feel you on this one, fo sho.

  2. I kept my last name as my new middle name. Of course, even now people get confused and hyphen it. But then again, all through high school people called me by my first and last name, since there were SO MANY Katie's, so I couldn't very well drop it either.

    Plus, being the only child of the last male with our family name, I had to keep it going SOMEhow.

    I know what you're going through, and best of luck with the second name change---they might get a little fussy with you, but just stay patient. =)

  3. Oh, and my middle name was Roseann before, and I've HATED it since I was little (you know the TV show, Roseanne? Yeah, THAT's how I got made fun of in elementary school), so I suppose my decision wasn't THAT hard... lol

  4. What's with the automatic hyphening thing? I thought you only hyphened it if you kept your middle AND last name. Oh well...

    Sweet friend, I can't relate to your plight. My last name was "Unger". As in The Ungertaker, Bungus, Dunger, Dung...yeah, I was getting rid of that thing as quickly as I could.


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