Thursday, July 31, 2008

connected again!

i am finally back in the saddle of the technological generation. we now have internet at our love abode. i know cody is happy to have internet, but he didn't go months without it like i did. so obviously, this is more of a joyous occasion for me than for him.

things are finally starting to shape up around our house. for the first time in i don't know how many weeks, i cleaned the kitchen tonight. number 1, don't get grossed out that i just now cleaned it. when you're gone planning a wedding, then on a honeymoon, then you come home and stack boxes in it... the kitchen doesn't need cleaning. number 2. the boxes are now gone, and everyone should celebrate that i actually wanted to clean the kitchen. i bet my mom just fell out of her chair when she read that statement. i know. your prayers have finally been answered and your daughter has adopted the attitude of, cleanliness is next to godliness. who would have thought?!

cody and i have become quite the cheapskates in our newlywed days. we used to eat out together a lot, but never really had to worry about the cost because we were still smooching off our parents (muchos gracias). well, now that we're on our own, we're looking for deals. so far, we have 3 meals lined up where we can both eat, good portions, for under $6.50. first, you go to taco tuesdays, get a taco plate, 2 tortillas, and chips and salsa. go for the water. its your healthy cop out, i can eat more chips because i'm drinking water and its good for me. good reason to me. on wednesday nights, we take our chik-fil-a coupon out of the names and numbers book, so we buy one meal, super size it for bigger fries, (and my ddp!) and then we get a free chicken sandwich. and finally, thanks to some new girl friends of mine, we have discovered united thursdays. if you live in abilene, the s.14th united has a two for one sandwich deal on thurs. you buy one meal, which includes a sandwich or hamburger, a side and a drink, and you get another meal free. so we both ate for $5.40. they also have specials every night of the week m-f, so we're probably going to be hitting that one up more often.

my parents had also generously shared a $25 beef certificate with us, which we redeemed at united. we got 5 lbs of hamburger meet and 3 huuuuugggge steaks, like big enough that cody and i will share one.. all for $25.26. so only .26 out of our pocket, and we'll enjoy these meals for a long time!

this weekend is the first weekend since we've been married that we've both actually been in town and have nothing gone on. tomorrow night we're cooking steaks and watching batman begins, so we might possibly be able to go see the dark knight sometime this weekend. no matter what happens, we're being lazy and not cleaning and just enjoying being home.

it is now late and i can't play hookey tomorrow so i'm headed to bed... hope you have a great friday!

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