Thursday, August 14, 2008

i should be headed to bed right now, but like the rest of america i'm staying up way later than i should to watch the olympics.

the chinese gymnasts are way too skinny. like seriously. they could be 9.

much like everyone, i really like shawn johnson. have you noticed that when they talk about her, they have to call her shawn johnson. she's never shawn. even when they mention a teammate's name in the same sentence, like nastia, they still call her shawn johnson. kinda funny.

i do hope that one of them pull's out the gold medal. when we were watching the girl's team competition on tuesday night, i felt a small bit guilty that i was praying for the chinese team to fall. but really, that just means i have american pride, right?

here's the real reason for the post.

our football players reported back to hsu yesterday to move into the dorms and start two a days.
*pause. nastia just landed her vault without even moving. pretty awesome. resume*

you would not believe the amount of guys that we had show up on campus that HAD NOT COMPLETED THEIR APPLICATION... meaning, YOU ARE NOT APPROVED TO COME TO SCHOOL AT HARDIN-SIMMONS.

can you imagine that? moving your child 5 hours away and not really being sure that he's actually staying there. so needless to say, yesterday was very busy getting students approved and registered. for some reason the boys can't understand that you have to focus on your classes first. without classes, there is no football. silly boys.

yesterday was also a cool reminder of how much of a ministry we have as recruiters. i had a girl show up and she was only scheduled for an admissions session. when she came into my office and we were talking, i basically said, well, you've already started an application so i don't really see the need for a full admission session, you already know what i would say. i looked at her file and noticed all we needed was a transcript, which she pulled out of her bag. since she lives 5 hours away, i asked...hey, do you want to get registered? and she said very quickly said yes.

when a student comes to campus and we don't know that they will be registering, there's some down time where they just have to wait for us to get all of the paperwork together. through the course of her waiting, i found out that she had actually registered and paid money to oklahoma baptist. she had begun doubting her decision during the middle of the summer, and submitted an online application to HSU. well, our system was messed up and we didn't get the application until the beginning of August. in order to try to fix our mistake (and really get more students for our #'s) we were calling all of those students to see if they still wanted to apply. and that is how i ended up on the phone with her. she explained that she was already accepted to another school, i happened to mention what type of scholarship money she would receive. she told me when she was on campus that that was the phone call that changed her mind, and she knew that the Lord actually wanted her to go to HSU.

at enrollment services, we always talk about the ministry we have with the students we work with. and i know that in my heart. i know that we have touched all of the students who will move down on tuesday. but wow. it was just neat to have a girl in my office who was specifically coming to HSU because of a phone call i made.

dang it. girls gymnastics is going strong. and i need to go to sleep... oh man... which one to choose?

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