Sunday, March 16, 2008

a little teaser...

ok, well i was going to save photos off of our photographer's flickr and post them on here, but apparently flickr has crazy rules against that. and, considering flickr can't tell that i'm in the pictures, i won't hold it against them.

so go here :
to see some of the pictures. these are just a teaser as we took many many more. but i know all of you are waiting on the edge of your seats to see us in all of our engagement picture hotness.

i do have to brag on two pictures. go here first and read our story :
if it doesn't work the first time keep trying, or go to and search for us. so now you know our story, go look at the pictures and check out #72 and #69. You see, Logsdon School of Theology was the first place Cody and I ever laid eyes on each other, so i had the photographer reenact what that day must have been like. these pictures make us look cool. in all reality i had poofy had and cody had on a dorky hat. but that's ok. i love them all the same and (corn ball alert) as we were sitting there taking the pictures i could still remember the awkwardness i felt in getting caught checking him out, and the weird feeling that i just couldn't get his eyes and face out of my mind for some reason... it was a good trip down memory lane!

ok, i'm off to bed to go work out early early early in the morning. but amen that its a 3 day work week and we get to wear jeans and capris to work! woo hoo! it's the little things in life that you have to delight in! have a great week!


  1. They are all great pics! I particularly like #108 & #78 & #164. Yall are very photogenic! :-)

  2. OH my lands, they are all FABULOUS! I loooooooove the ones of y'all checking each other out across the sanctuary, brought tears to my eyes. I think my ALL-TIME FAVE is the one of where you're in jeans and that gorgeous plum turtleneck, you're both standing against the wall, no smiles. Very Gap. Very Banana Republic. Very Fashion-Forward.

    And I would expect nothing less from you :)

  3. Ohmigosh, this is my favorite banner EVER!!!! The Chuck and Heel are faaaaaaaaaabulous!


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