Sunday, March 23, 2008

because you are anxiously awaiting..

i know that many of you will be logging into the computer on monday morning and will be highly disappointed if you do not have a blog from me, and i do not want to disappoint.

currently i am watching i can make you thin. interesting. tonight is about emotional eating. definitely could use some tips on that one.

this was an interesting week full of highs and lows.

as far as the high goes, cody found us a place to live. how is this for trusting him - he's put down a deposit on the house and i haven't even actually seen it. wow. yeah. i know.

actually i have seen pictures, and my two major requirements in where we lived were a dishwasher and washer/dryer hookups. it has both. and two bathrooms. and a huge master bedroom closet. exciting for me! here are a few pictures... don't worry. it will be so much cuter when we live there.

my huge walk in closet:

and cody can have the guest room :)

so starting april 1, we will slowly be moving my stuff into the new place. i'm sure it will come down to one moving day when we will get the majority of the items.. so i'll keep you updated because i know you will all want to be there to help.

i won't go into the details of the low parts of the week. but i was glad i was at church in hereford today. our pastor focused on the importance of the third day and gave many passages in the OT where some devasting happens on the first day, the second day is cloudy and seems hopeless, but the third day brings ultimate hope and joy. while my low period is longer than three days, today was a good reminder that eventually the third day will be here. and things have to get better after the third day.


  1. Wowwwwwwww, that avacado countertop and sink is kickin'!

    I'm so glad you're back in town. Can we hang out? Wanna come help me paint trim at our new house? You know you do....

  2. So super cute. We are looking for a new house and I remember all the excitement of owing and buying our "first" home....just think, you will probably have your first child there!!!! Congrats and good luck!


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