Saturday, March 15, 2008

one more thing checked off the list...

we're taking our engagement pics in about an hour and a half. i am nervous but hopeful that they will be great. and when i post pictures up here, please go wild over our outfits. i have stressed and changed my clothes too many times to count. for some of the pictures i will have on red high heels and cody will have on his red converse.. an accurate description of us!

in other news, one of my neighbors has adopted a cat. and by adopted, i mean she sat out food and now the thing wont leave. while i have wanted to kick it a few times when i have walked around the corner and it has scared the living day lights out of me, i am somewhat becoming attached. and there is a tiny part of me that wants to bring it into my apartment and let it make sure there's no mice present. so, i am trying to not grow attached.......... but i'm also trying to come up with a name for it. defeating the purpose? maybe. but it does seem sweet. so i will give in.

ok. i'm off to get ready!

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