Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Half Way


Considering that we're now half way through this pregnancy, I guess it's about time I actually blog about it, huh? 

We were overwhelmed with joy to find out at the beginning of September that our prayers for growing our family were finally answered with a YES!  We also consider ourselves very lucky that our first round of fertility treatments worked. I know that is not always the case and I don't take it for granted.  I hope to eventually get back into the habit of blogging so this second child doesn't feel so second child-ish, but I can't promise how regular it will be! 

Here's a recap of how the pregnancy has gone so far:

6 weeks on the dot: hello evening sickness! up until this point I had been in the "I know I'm pregnant but don't feel like it so is this really real stage?" This was quickly shattered. I went from feeling great/normal to feeling terrible in the days and getting sick at night.  This is basically how I would sum up weeks 6 - 11.  One of our church ladies told my mom she was worried about me because we work so hard and I'm looking so gray. Yeah... that's just me trying to keep it together and not get sick at church! Cooking was no fun and mostly everything I made made me feel sick. Fruit helped, but still made me feel sick. I craved orange juice but always paid for it. Want to know the only things I could eat without feeling sick right after? Peanut M and M's and Allsup's burritos. I know. It's amazing I didn't pile on the pounds during these weeks! (we were also going through a budget crunch and only using cash for eating out, so it did limit the burrito intake!) 

I brushed my teeth constantly. Anything I ate or drank left a funny metal taste in my mouth that made me want to be sick. I could hardly drink a Diet Dr Pepper and really only drank ice cold water. Considering DDP ruins through my veins, this is how Cody knew things were bad! (that and the fact that I frequently told him, "I feel so terrible. We're never having any more kids after this. I can't handle it!")  I was so tired every night yet also struggled with some insomnia. (Unisom is safe to take and a lifesaver for that!) I actually started feeling movement around 12 weeks. I know, crazy, but true.  Basically anything about this pregnancy that could be different from Griffin's, was!  I kept hoping the second trimester would provide some relief from the sickness. While it did ease up some, it was really 16 weeks before I finally started feeling like myself again.  I still have to watch myself to make sure I don't overdo it, it's been nice to finally have some energy back to tackle some things that have basically been abandoned since September. Griffin and Cody are both still alive and thriving, so we'll call it an overall success, right? :) 

Given that everything has been different about this pregnancy, Cody and I would have both put good money on the fact that it was going to be a girl. We did the Progenity blood test around 13 weeks and found out while we were in Louisville for a youth worker's conference that... 


Needless to say, we were shocked! It was a little bit of an adjustment in our (mostly my!) thinking at first, but we are thankful to have a healthy baby and I'm preparing for lots of Star Wars and sports in my future! Cody and I both agree it's hard not to picture a Griffin clone, so we're excited to see what he will look like. Considering all I hear is how G is a copy of Cody, I'm hoping he will be mine! We are seeing a Maternal Fetal specialist every time I also see my OB, so I'm hoping we might get a closer view soon of his face to try and make predications!   I'm sure there's much more I should include, but at least that's a little bit of a catch up for someday when I try to remember this pregnancy!   


  1. At least you're still blogging! Which puts you years ahead of me ;) So excited for y'all and can't wait to meet this new little one and his big brother this year. Jason says we're definitely making a West Texas trip in 2016!

  2. So excited for you! Brothers are so much fun :) Pretty sure my husband was at the same Louisville conference a couple months ago. Will you guys be at Passion again this year? I'm staying home with Isaac & Ian, but Jordan and our college students/high school seniors will be there!


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