Saturday, May 9, 2015

Six on Saturday [griffin style]



a few weeks ago we took griffin to his first movie to see HOME. as you can see, he could hardly take his eyes off of the screen to say cheese. luckily it was a crowd of mostly kids so any noises he made didn't matter, though he mostly only said, "more popcorn please!" cody and I are already looking forward to a few more movie nights this summer!


griff got some new summer shoes, but we're still trying to teach him that sandals don't require socks. he makes it look pretty cute though!



we've stepped our toes into the world of potty training and it's going ok. he does mostly good at home with us, but won't go on the potty at school. I am a bribing mom, so every day he goes I remind him - "if you go tee-tee or poo-poo on the potty at school we can get ice cream!" ice cream is a great motivator too :)



you can tell we've been talking a little too much about potty training. I went to go use the bathroom the other day and Griff walked up to me and said "push hard momma!"

[we stress every day with G to keep his undies clean and dry]

a few days later he saw a pair of his socks on the floor and said they were yucky. I explained it was clean laundry that we needed to put up and he said "clean and dry! clean and dry!"


one day at school was "wacky hair wednesday." considering that G has crazy hair most days, Cody went with something different - the tri hawk. Personally, I thick he looks like he's ready to star in Dumb and Dumber Three!


our latest obsession: minions.


he'd make a pretty cute minion to me!

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