Sunday, January 25, 2015

Big Emotions.

A few weeks ago I read a post on the Hands Free Mama blog that I really loved.  If you haven't read it, you should. The jist is to take a three second pause before reacting to your kids in stressful situations to keep yourself from doing something you're going to regret. It really is such a challenging post and a great thought to live by.

Did you know though, that when you are watching your child [in slow motion, of course] purposefully take a pool noodle and whack his friend in the face, it's really hard to remember to take a three second pause before responding to him.  Especially when it happens in front of a room full of mothers and all you can think is: why did you have to do it here??????

Later that night as I was thinking back on what happened I realized I better get a game plan for next time he hits. Because I do imagine there will be a next time and spanking as a punishment for hitting is just a little contradictory. [ how did you handle this seasoned moms? ] The other thing that struck me last night is how hard it must be to be two.  I imagine that Griffin probably experiences the same emotions I do during a certain time of the month. Only, I only have to deal with it a few days a month and he's experiencing it every twenty-four hours. Can you imagine what that must feel like? Thankfully, his brain forgives and forgets much quicker than mine. I need a three second pause to remember that it's hard to be two and this big emotion we're dealing with will soon give way to another big emotion.

Last night's regret was still playing in my head today as Griffin was throwing toys after I told him not too. The wooden train hitting my head required a firm talking to [ does it sound like we've hit the terrible two's? ] and I sent him off to his room to be by himself because he was not being nice.  Would you believe that being sent to his room brought out just as many tears as the spanking? Big emotions.

It must be so hard to be two. And some days, it's so hard to be a momma.  I give in to the big emotions and forget to pause and end up with some regrets.  Thankfully though, he forgives and forgets and soon enough I'm reminded that this stage has some big emotions, but the throwing and hitting and crying for no apparent reason pale in comparison to the best big emotion.

A hug, a kiss and "I lub you."  It's so great to be a momma.

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