Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Days [a little late]


I realize I'm about 7 days late to the "31 Days To Write in October." October 1 was a Wednesday, which is a busy day for minister's anyway, and it lined up to be the day before we flew out for a 4 day conference in California. I planned to get a few posts scheduled before we left... but you can see how that went :)

As a youth minister's wife and now the Children's minister myself, ways to bless your minister is obviously something near and dear to my heart.  Cody and I truly feel like we have the best church ever. They have been above and beyond good to us and I wanted to share in some of the blessings that we've received in case you're looking for ways to bless your ministers.  Some of the ideas might seem repetitive or geared more to the youth/children's minister, but I hope it spurs on your thinking of what you can do to tell or show your minister that you appreciate them and the job they are doing. Here's looking forward to sharing with you the next three weeks!

[if you are minister/wife/family member and have had a church member bless you and you want to share, send me an email at abbyneinast@gmail.com so I can add it in to the series!]

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