Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days - Date Night


This one is so easy. All it takes is a simple card with money in it to surprise your minister and their spouse with a date night! We had this first happen to us over the summer at the start of our long stretch - VBS, then Junior High camp, followed immediately by High School camp. Our church member simply said, "I know you work so hard and y'all are so busy. I appreciate all you do and hope you enjoy this."

Now, we're young, with a toddler and on a rather tight budget, but this is a gift that any age of minister would appreciate.  Ours included date night money and babysitting money, but it wouldn't have to be that much depending on the kid status of your ministers and the restaurant quality in your town. (we're lacking in nice sit down places!)  We were ridiculously giddy happy about it. Plus we got to use our date night after our camp craziness, which helped us to reconnect. It may only be money to you, but to us, it's sign that you appreciate us and want to help make our marriage a priority.  Invest in your minister's marriage to invest in the health of your ministries!


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