Saturday, September 27, 2014

Late To The Game

here's a few things I'm enjoying that the rest of the world has probably been talking about for months...


I am probably one of the few ladies who hadn't seen this movie, but I finally fixed that last weekend. Y'all, this movie is hilarious and definitely hits the mark on so many levels. [the intro nailed motherhood. salmonella, salmonella, salmonella, salmonella...] I knew it was a Christian movie, but I didn't realize it was put on with help from the same people that did Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, etc. If you are somehow like me and missed this when it first came out, watch it asap!

fyi for local friends, our church will be hosting a mom's night out on oct 9 and showing the movie... you should join us!


The downfall of living in a small town without a certain chain coffee place is that I can't jump on the psl bandwagon the first day that the rest of the world seems to. I was actually in a major town last week with some friends and we hit up two separate starbucks and both were OUT OF PSL. Like seriously... how does that happen? While there was a nearby Dunkin Donuts that came to the rescue, I finally got my first real PSL on Monday and it was heavenly.  I think I'd really forgotten just how good starbucks coffee is. We're headed to Sacramento in a few weeks for a youth conference and our hotel has a coffee shop right outside... you better believe I'll be a repeat customer!


While I've seen countless friends posting on social media about She Reads Truth, I've just recently joined in with their "Open Your Bible" series and I've really enjoyed it so far.  It's an easy, straight forward plan to help lead you through a daily quiet time. I love that it's meaningful but not too time consuming. I definitely recommend printing the reading guide and downloading the app if you haven't used it yet!  (This is definitely an app/website geared for women, but I think this particular study could definitely be done by men or women. It just helps get you in the word every day)

What else am I behind on??

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