Monday, September 1, 2014


Well hello there. It as been forever and a day since I feel like I've had a moment to sit down and actually blog out some real thoughts. Between adjusting to my new work schedule, Griff going to daycare, Cody trying to finish up the youth room remodel, both of us prepping for Wednesday night church activities to start back and finally, Cody getting knocked out for a full week with an extremely painful infection, August was one crazy, quick month.

Oh yeah, don't forget to throw in two birthday celebrations in the midst of all of that.

Y'all, I'm tired remembering all of it!

I am not ready to throw in the towel on this blog yet, so here's a few pictures and snippets from August:


Last year for Mother's Day Cody and my dad gave my mom and me a "Girls Day Out" and we finally cashed in on it! We spent the day shopping, eating, talking, laughing and finishing up with massages. It was such a fun day and mom and I agree that it needs to be a weekly occurrence :)


This hooligan finally got a haircut and instantly became a big boy! The spikes certainly fit his personality.  Every single day he surprises us with the funny things he comes up with, but also how sweet he is. He loves to sit outside and wave at cars as they go by, he is great as using his please and thank you's, and he's done a great job adjusting to day care.  He keeps us on our toes with the things he gets in to, such as my lipgloss:


and nail polish!



I planned a "Pajamas and Pancakes Party" for our Children's Ministry to kick off our new Sunday School year. Griff enjoyed getting to take his blanket to church and it was a great turn out. If you're a Children's Minister, this is a fun, easy, and cheap event to plan for the families in your church.

photo 1.JPG   photo 2.JPG    photo 3.JPG

We had a fun Monsters University party for Griffin at our church. I put too much effort into making some decorations for the party, when all that was needed was a blow up pool, some balls, and a slide. Seriously, the kids spent two hours playing in this thing without bothering the parents. If you have a toddler, you should invest it one!


Hope August was good to you!

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