Saturday, August 2, 2014

Family Fun Day

Our lives seem to be going non-stop since Cody left for mission trip on July 12th, so we decided to run away for a day and just enjoy being our family of three. We headed in to the big city to take Griffin to the zoo, thinking he would really enjoy the animals now that he's a little bit older.






As you can see, there's not all that much expression in these first pictures. The real excitement came later...


hand on the mouth after seeing an airplane flying overhead....


chasing butterflies....


playing with this rope...


and standing on this rock. (Not pictured, oohing and aaaahhing over every free bird he saw flying overhead.)  Yes, Griffin's favorite parts of the day were all FREE activities that we could have taken part of outside of the zoo. Kids, huh?

We did splurge and take him on the train ride around the zoo. He really did seem to love it, so it was worth the trip!




After the zoo we picked up dinner and spent several hours hanging out with our closest friends. It was so fun for our boys to get to play together and so needed to relax with friends. As we were packing up to head home, I checked my phone and have about 5 texts messages waiting for me, ending with "Are you ok??" Yeah.... our Women's Ministry was hosting a Bunko Night on Thursday that I was supposed to help with and completely forgot about, despite the fact that I was even texting plans with the other members on Thursday. Momma definitely needed a day off! As bad as I felt about missing out on the Bunko fun, we had such a great day as a family before we're off and running again!

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