Friday, May 2, 2014

Extend The Invitation

Cody's grandmother isn't doing good right now. Every day this week has been a waiting game to see if this is the day she will pass. Waiting on death is a strange emotion and it's tempting to want to press pause on life as we wait for its appearance.

We're also experiencing some plumbing issues in our house right now that are emitting a less than desirable smell. Candles, Scentsy and Febreeze can only go so far in this situation. Problems like this are just a part of life, but I found myself embarrassed of it anyway.


I debated the excuses, tempted to pass it off for another week, but the invitation was already extended and life will always get in the way if you let it. So I pulled out my fancy dishes, plucked flowers from the back yard, lit a few more candles and opened our door to my Supper Club.


Our Supper Club met for the second time last night. What was supposed to be a discussion of the second part of Bread & Wine ended up being a three and a half hour conversation that went around the world. We covered marriage, kids, adoptions, moving, work, family and of course, food. It was a much needed break to laugh with women and I almost missed out on it.


I don't know a single person that isn't busy. Married, single, babies, teens, we've all got something going on and things that keep us busy all week long. On the off chance that we actually have some down time, it's so tempting to keep it to ourselves and not share it with others.  I've found that when I actually make the effort, extend the invitation and open my home up, I am the one who is blessed every single time. Bread and Wine is a collection of a short stories that together make up a life. They're not all like my stories, but in the end it leaves me feeling grateful for the life I've been given and a desire to share it with others.

Next time might be more of a paper plate meal than a fancy table dressing, but either way, it's the invitation that matters. Who do you need to extend one to?

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