Monday, March 31, 2014


When I was in youth group, the sponsors on our trip always seemed so old, mature and put together. Even though I know that some of them were only in their mid-twenties, they had to be responsible because they were in charge of a large group and driving a big van, right?


Totally, 100% wrong.

 Because this weekend I drove something like this:


to take a group of our girls to a weekend conference.

I now know that sponsors are basically faking their confidence, stressing all of the time about the student's whereabouts, and praying continually while driving. And occasionally taking selfies to document  such events.

(though taking the selfies while no kids are present so as to maintain a cool factor, duh.)

thankfully God is gracious, kept us safe and gave us a great weekend!

(I've had my share of driving the bus for at least a year though!)

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  1. I read you loud & clear-- I hate driving our vans! And there is so much more to being a leader/sponsor... but man, it is so good to be right there when one of your kids "gets it." Watching the light come on, or getting to see them mature spiritually; it is the greatest reward!


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