Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Talk About Embarrassing.

When we were creating our baby registry, Cody and I chose to leave off a Diaper Genie because we'd heard they were just a waste of money and didn't really help with the smell. Instead we ended up buying a trashcan with a swing lid that did the job of keeping the smell in.

Or so I thought.

As Griff has gotten bigger, the diapers have gotten a little more full and a little more, um, pungent.  And if they sit for a few days or so in the trashcan, his room can begin to smell a little sour. My mother mentions it every time she's here and I really thought there was a good chance she was going to get me a fancy trashcan for Christmas.  I mean, I notice it when I walk into his room, but it's never been something that bothered me  that bad. I thought Cody had the same mindset as I did, but turns out, I was wrong. 

Cody grabbed the diaper trash to take out Sunday night, looks straight at me with a serious face and says, "I've been doing some research. We need to get the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail. It has better reviews that the Diaper Genie."  He then goes on to say that he's been thinking about it and doing for a while and doesn't want our house smelling like poop when our friends come over.

Y'all. I am shamed. My husband, who almost daily tells me that he can't smell something because of his allergies, has drawn a line on the smell in our house before I did!* So today I did the poop walk of shame to buy a Diaper Pail with my seventeen month old son in Walmart.  Let's hope our friends and family appreciate it next time they're over!

*I think the smell was really contained to Griffin's room. But I'm also afraid that I was just used to it and didn't smell it anymore in the rest of my house, so you better believe I hightailed it to get that trashcan while I had Cody's blessing!


  1. Oh man, that IS super embarrassing!!! I used to have an inside cat and I was always super paranoid that the whole house smelled like a litter box and I was immune to it...probably because I've visited many other people's homes that smell like a litter box and THEY seem to not notice...ugh. So tricky. Why isn't there some kind of Stink Detector (like a smoke detector or CO2 detector) that objectively measures how stinky a space is and alerts you?? If I were an inventor, I'd be all over that...

  2. I'll give you a tip (we had to figure this one out on our own)... just put the poop diapers in a ziplock bag and throw them out with the rest of the regular trash and use the diaper genie/pail for wet diapers. The genie/pail still isn't great about containing the poopy stench and after air fresheners, stick ons, baking soda, and any other smell-eliminating product I could find, we finally realized that the poop diapers just have to get bagged up separately and taken out more often than the pail gets changed. Since we've been separating them, it's made a WORLD of difference. The regular trash gets bagged up usually once/day and picked up twice/week, so we never really have an issue with the smell in the house - especially with the diaper in a ziplock baggie!


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