Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: It's A Wrap

I wrote what was probably my last check of the year today and almost wrote 2012. This is obviously not boding well for my brain to wrap around the fact that it's almost January and somehow I'm supposed to remember to write 2014 now. I wasn't as good of a blogger over the year, but I thought it would be fun to recap the year with the highs and lows that we faced. 


To me, the most notable moment of January was that Griffin started daycare and I had to accept the fact that being a working mom was my new reality. I did a lot of praying and holding out hope that anything would change so that we didn't have to send him, but it didn't work out and looking back now, I can admit now how hard of a realization is was on me to accept that fact. Most days of January were spent surviving the work day, counting down till I got to pick G up and trying to deny how miserable I was in the situation. Honestly, I gave up hope that anything would change so that I would eventually get to stay home and I had some resentment towards Cody because of that.  It's hard to sum up in one paragraph what a hard place it was to be.   

We juggled crying it out and Griff first sickness, and the most surprising news of all, the church Cody interviewed with at the beginning of December finally made a decision and wanted him to come as their youth minister. We were shocked, because I had given up hope that something would work out. 


Was filled with secrets! We spent a few weekends making trips to our new town, checking it out to see how we felt about it, talking with the pastor and search committee and spending lots of time in prayer trying to decide if this was the right move for us. I remember that we kept saying, "This is too easy God! Everything seems perfect... can it really be this simple?"  And it really was. We both told our bosses right before Cody came to meet with the youth and then came on a Sunday in view of a call (in the Baptist world you're not officially hired till you visit the church and they have a vote in which the majority says that want to hire you. If you make it to a view of a call it's pretty much a given you'll be hired, but still slightly nerve wracking!) and we were then able to officially tell the world. The rest of the month was spent tying up loose ends at Cody's job and starting to pack up our house so that we could list it. (Note: it takes a lot of work to get a house show ready!)  


Was a time of separation.  Cody started his youth minister's position an hour away and Griff and I held down the fort in Abilene.  It was a monotonous schedule of get up, get ready, daycare/work, home, bed time for Griff, then packing up the house. The house was listed for three long weeks without one showing and then bam: two showing back to back, an offer,  and we were under contract. It felt like a long time, but ended up happening so quickly! We packed everything up in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks to be out in time for the buyer. 

Having mover's was one of the best experiences of our marriage. It seriously made everything less stressful and Cody and I were much happier throughout the whole process! I should also note that Griffin turned six months old. Cody and I marvel at the fact that he was barely starting to sit up on his own when we were prepping to move.... that feels like such a life time ago! Some days I would definitely give good money to have him lay still in one place. ;)


Was endings and new beginnings! Griff and I spent the first week of the month staying with our good friends in Abilene while I finished up my last week of work. We had a great last hoorah before we came home to settle into our new routine.  Honestly, I think the transition of becoming a SAHM was harder on Griff than on me! He seemed to miss the business that daycare offered, but we slowly got into the hang of our new schedule.  If I'm being honest, I probably took a lot of naps in April. Like one every afternoon :)  I am actually not even ashamed of it. It was awesome! April also brought our first weekend where both of us were away from Griff. We sent him to the panhandle with my parents and we got busy with house projects. Stripping wall paper, priming, texturing, priming and then finally painting made for a long weekend, but it felt good to finally get some color on our walls!


Was about milestones! Griff got his first two teeth, started crawling, and said mama/dada all within a few weeks of each other! I'm not sure I ever shared the mama story, so now's a good time. While Griff was babbling da, da, da, he wasn't saying it in association with Cody, so I was doing my best to coach him on Mama in hopes that I would win on the first world. (you know every parent does it.) He wasn't showing ANY signs of taking in what I was saying. One night we ended up losing our power due to a major storm and actually sought our shelter in the bathroom because of tornados that were a few towns away.  I can't even remember what he grabbed, but Griffin had some "toy" that he was playing with in there that he shouldn't have, so I took it away. Griff was not too happy and let my know by yelling, AHHHHHH MAMA!  Cody and  I were both shocked but laughed so hard. So, even though I won the first word, considering the attitude that came with it... it might be a wash!


Was about traveling! We enjoyed a wonderful baby free beach vacation with my family at the first of the month.  (Can we go back now?!?!?!?) and came home for a few days before heading out to our junior high summer camp.  Camp was fun, but might have undone all of the relaxing we did on our vacation. ;)  Griff did his first craft project, and I got some projects accomplished around the house.  We spent a lot of mornings going on walks and playing at the park before it got too hot!


 Was for celebrating!  Griff's first 4th of July, our 5th wedding anniversary, the silliness and fun Griff brings to our life,  deeper friendships with our high school kids at their camp,  the birth of the Royal Prince, and finally that all of our summer traveling was finished! 


Was all about the birthday! Our sweet boy turned the big ONE (can't forget momma turning the big TWO NINE!) and we settled back into our school schedule.  Griffin learned how much fun it is to play in the dishwasher and how good McDonald's fries are.  We enjoyed a quick trip home for my cousin's wedding, much to Cody's delight I started wearing real clothes again and I started monthly menu planning.  Am I a loser for thinking that was something important to note? Don't answer that. It really has been a helpful addition to my life, so I guess it's worth noting!


Was actually a little slow for us. We headed home to have a party to celebrate Griff's birthday, I started working at the church as the Wednesday night cook and our weeks filled up with Monday Lunches, football games, MOPS and other activities where we got to see our friends. I went back home to celebrate my 10 year high school reunion. We didn't have the biggest turn out, but it was fun to see friends and where we've ended up.


We once again headed home for Bami's famous pumpkin party! I'm thankful we got to celebrate early, as Griff ended up with a stomach bug and had to miss our church's Trunk or Treat. It definitely felt like an accomplishment to survive his first bug experience without catching it myself or getting sick watching him get sick. We also had our first ER experience with Griff, which thankfully ended up being a major overreaction by the walk in clinic doctor.  Another notable moment was when Cody fell through the ceiling working on a house project.  Let's all pray that never happened again. 


Oh sweet November. Blessed November, when all of my hopes and dreams were finally realized as our new Super Walmart opened up in town. Living without one was quite the #firstworldproblem and I am so thankful to finally have all sorts of useless items available at my convenience again. Cody and I took a 5 day trip to Nashville for the National Youth Worker's Convention where we were bombarded with so much good information. We're still processing it all (and implementing some of it slowly!) and are so thankful that our church was willing to send us to such a great conference. I also debuted my 52 Verses Every Kid Should Know this month and have been blow away by the response. I've sold about 80 sets now! 


Was BUSY BUSY BUSY! I had my first Snyder Trade Days experience and was so happy with how my booth did. Prepping for it took up a lot of time, made a big mess in my house and caused for some sleepless nights, but it was a fun experience and has kick started some creativity I've been missing. The rest of our month was spent at parties with friends, celebrating with the youth group, hosting a "Home Alone" movie night then heading to the panhandle to celebrate Christmas with my family. Christmas with babies around is a lot more fun and a LOT MORE WORK, especially in a non-baby proofed house. Griff only broke one thing though, so we'll consider that a success! 

We'll celebrate our last day in 2013 with our youth group tonight and then start our new year off with Cody's family. As I look back over our year and reflect on the changes it brought our way, I am so grateful for the great year that we had. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought how quickly everything could have changed to make my SAHM desires come true and I am thankful that the Lord finally answered that prayer. Here's to another great one... Happy New Year Friends!

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