Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Have you ever felt like you’re just on the edge of reaching your breaking point? That’s where I feel like I’ve been these past few weeks. And trust me, I roll my own eyes at even saying that because it sounds so melodramatic. I don’t even have anything that major going on, but it was a bunch of small things that slowly added up and have seemed overwhelming. When you wake up and spend the whole day crying at every little thing, it might be time to take a step back. {And have a really good laugh at your crazy.}

So I’ve been trying to walk away from G a little more, give Cody a little more direction in how he can help around the house and take full advantage of nap time, which may mean that I’m occasionally napping in the morning with Griff. Luckily it’s working and I’m waking up feeling slightly less crazy every day.  We’re also getting ready to go to a youth worker’s conference and while the details of leaving Griff have been a little stressful, the thought of 5 glorious nights of uninterrupted sleep keep me hanging on. {Plus there will be Starbucks. Lots of Starbucks.}

The blog has taken a back seat since the days of Griffin’s arrival. It’s a combination of lack of time, lack of desire, and lack of direction. On the nights when I go to bed and have trouble sleeping, I use my time to write blogs in my head. People, let me just tell you, they’re awesome. So deep, and thought provoking. Or incredibly hilarious, depending on my day.  But then I wake up in the morning and either can’t remember what I wrote {ha!} or I’m too nervous to get that vulnerable. The more I’ve thought about it though, the more I think I need to take it to that level. Partially because I think someone else might be able to benefit knowing that someone else is in the same boat, but also because I need to benefit from working through my thoughts and putting it on paper. So we’re going to slowly start working through some of the issues I’ve faced through my transition with moving and becoming a full time SAHM and minister’s wife. Don’t worry, it won’t be deep all of the time, {there will still be plenty of fashion, recipes and other Griffin shenanigans}  but I hope you’ll join in on the conversation!

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