Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Granite Saga

Have you ever started a blog post and totally bored yourself as you read it?  THat's what happened last night. I planned to tell you the saga of our granite search and it ended up sounding like this: wah wah waaaahh. wha whaa. wha wah wahh. wah wah. {a la charlie brown style.}

so here's the summary: we're very blessed to be getting to do some updates in our kitchen, starting with new granite. but choosing a color has turned me into the most indecisive person ever.

first i chose black. then cream because it's sensible for our stage of life. but my heart still wanted black. but i knew we should do cream. back and forth. and back. and forth. with much debate and asking of facebook friends, till i finally took their advice and went with my heart and selected the black i've always dreamed of.

the only hiccup with my black {Uba Tuba} is that it is actually a green granite that just happens to have a lot of black in it. my granite guy emphasized this to me and wanted me to actually pick out my slabs to make sure they were the right color. {because i may know someone who got their uba tuba in their house and it might have been too green so the granite guy was sweet enough to get another slab for them. cough, mom, cough.} so last thursday cody and i load up, head to abilene and check out their granite.

{now let me explain here that  going to look at a slab of granite isn't just like,  "hey, hold this piece up for me!" oh, if only it was that simple! instead they have to get this big machine that moves across the top of the room with a claw that has to come down to pick up the slab, then slowly pull it out in order to see the whole piece. looking at one slab is about a 15 minute process to get it out, so you can understand when you're the girl in the warehouse wanting to look at every piece of uba then looking at this black then going back to the uba in the natural light, you can kinda look at little bit high maintenance. and possibly crazy.}  

much to my dismay, the green granite that looks black actually looked green, because it is in fact, green granite. every single dang piece of it that they had. so we ended up choosing a different black that what we'd ever looked at, because it was in fact, actually black. But within an hour of us leaving the granite place, i was already second guessing my choice. so when we got home that night, i called my mom to see if she would be willing to meet me in lubbock friday to look at that granite warehouse to see if their uba tuba happened to be better and have more black in it.

turns out, it did. it was, in fact, the absolute perfect color that i've been dreaming of since we started choosing our granite. the problem was that it was already tagged for someone else. and, there's no guarantee that they could get in more granite from that slab. {meaning what they got in would probably be green, because, duh, it is a green granite.}

luckily for me though, i had my super cute kid with me, a sad face and a "please help me out!!!" attitude, so the manager of the store called the owner to see if they could release the granite for me. turns out the uba tuba was claimed by a builder more than a month ago and he wouldn't be using it for a while. in a move that made all of my driving and worrying worth it, they said they would just bring in new uba tuba for him since he could care less about how green/black it is. {meaning he wasn't driving all over the state of texas obsessing over the colors like a crazy person.}

now i'm just {not so patiently waiting} for the call that it's cut and they're ready to come install it. i can't wait to show you how pretty it is! {and how it looks black, ha!}


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