Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bami's Pumpkin Party

{alternately titled: bami is better than martha stewart!}

thursday morning griff and I loaded up and headed up to the panhandle. we picked up aunt kait and cuz jax on the way and geared up for the pumpkin party fun!

{b & b with the seven great grands. two more arriving 2014!)

bamps and bami have been hosting pumpkin parties for the grands since we were little, but they have grown into something much greater for the great grands! Last year was my first year to join in on the pumpkin party fun and not only did Bami outdo herself with the food and decorations again, Griff loved getting to hang with the big boys! 


{the rats sqeeked. and were sent home with the kids. let's hope griff's doesn't get lost... }


griff man was BUSY! barely any time to sit down and decorate his pumpkin, there was too much to explore! he loved getting to check everything out and chase after the big boys, plus if you look closely at the pictures, you'll see his cheeto face!

{jax man was all about the posing. griff was about undoing mom's decorating job.}

the highlight of the night for griffin had to be bobbing for apples. oh my, he loved it!
after watching barrett try for an apple for a bit, griff showed him how easy it was and was so proud of himself!


{in his defense, barrett did have a little bit of a handicap when it came to bobbing for apples!}


the boy's all earned a dollar for getting an apple out of the tub, but when bami tried to give griff his, he ran off... apparently the apple was prize enough for him! :)

we headed back home on friday so it was definitely a quick trip, but we had a great time seeing all of the cousins and watching griffin play with them. thanks for all of your hard work bami!

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