Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIWW: Someone Get Me A Professional Photographer

This week's photo's have made it embarrassingly clear that it is time for me dig out the old tripod, replace the battery in my remote and start taking some real pictures.  Here's your proof:

Cooking for Church & Youth Group


shirt: forever 21
necklace: accessories auction, facebook
apron: vera bradley
not pictured: loft jeans

I actually just snapped this picture to send my mom as a joke because my necklace ended up matching my apron and it turns out this was the only picture I had, so you get to enjoy it too!

total honesty: thursday was spent picking up the house in shorts and a tee, friday was spent party prepping in shorts and a tee,  saturday was spent being lazy with our family in pj's, so there's no photographic evidence of those days :)



top: loft
sweater: target
jeans: loft 

here's how sundays normally go in our house: go to church. come home, eat lunch as quickly as possible before griffin crashes, lay him down for a nap and then go nap myself. well, we had a special round up sunday at church this week which included dressing up in western wear {that I don't own} and an all church brisket lunch. Poor Griff had a rough morning in nursery... he was moved up to the toddler room, which has a tv in it. he saw me making morning announcements and had a big melt down because he couldn't get to me. That melt down led to a melt down during lunch and finally giving up to come home for naps while Cody stayed at the luncheon. Which is how I ended up propping this mirror next to my front door to get some natural light and taking an awful picture. but at least you know what I wore! :)

Monday Lunch & Grocery Shopping


shirt: youth group
shorts: loft
shoes: tevas

I mean... if it worked on Sunday, why not do the same picture on Monday?? Our church hosts a Monday Lunch for all high school students to come to, which is why I wore the shirt. It was only after I took this picture that I realized... I match my door! 


What can I say? I know what colors I like and I stick with them! 

and finally,

aka the most ridiculous outfit ever


dress: loft
belt: old navy
boots: dsw

Ok, this outfit isn't so ridiculous. It's the fact that I seriously put it on for all of three hours, basically to make Griffin lunch, then sit on the couch to work on some projects, only to snap a quick pic, then change back into work out clothes to go to my class. since I wore it less than half a day, I can totally re-wear it tomorrow, right? :)

check out the pleated poppy for more wiww {most of which have more photography skillz than me!}

pleated poppy


  1. I love your first necklace and last outfit!!!!

    Please visit me here today:

  2. You're a girl after my own heart.

    (in other words: the majority of my closet is also Loft)

  3. I found your blog via The Pleated Poppy! I love your haircut...I have a short 'do now, but am thinking of going pixie. Love your dress in the first picture too!


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