Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Confessions

1.  Sometimes I think that I am just not cut out for this minister's wife business, as shown by this conversation I had with a youth kid last week at dinner.

{background: I am now cooking the wednesday night meal. cody has repeatedly said he tells the jr. high students this is a snack and NOT their dinner. I mean they eat at 4:40 for crying out loud!}

so the students have been served their 5 mini corn dogs, mac and cheese and 2 oreos. a few asked for more while going through line, but most accepted that there were still a lot more people to feed. one girl came up though asking for more. I told her she would need to wait until after church and her mom could make her dinner when they got home and she replied "but she's picking me up soon so that I can go to Calvary {another church in town.}

I gave her a look and replied, "Do you hear what you're saying to me?" She gave me a questioning look and I continued on... "Because I'm hearing you say, 'do you have any more free food to give me while you babysit me before my mom comes to pick me up and take me to my real church?'"  She gave me a quick smile and took her plate back to her seat.


2.  Other times I feel like I am the greatest minister's wife out there. At Monday Lunch one of our mom's caught me on her way out and said, "Abby, I just want you to know that I really appreciate how active you are with our youth. It's been 35 years since I was in the youth group, but I still remember that our youth minister's wife was a lot like you and it really makes a difference for the kids. Thank you for what you do!"

I was walking on cloud nine.

Until I rounded the corner and another mom asked, "Abby, do y'all do much for the high school girls?" "Well, we're in the process of trying to start a high school girl's Bible study but I'm not quite sure what day it's going to be on." "Oh, ok, well because {daughter's name} said you really spend most of your time with the junior high students and I mean I guess that's fine. You'll grow up with them and that's good. She just really needs a good role model in her life." 

wah wah wah. minister's wife fail.

3. Why is it that I am almost 30 years old and yet I have a mountain on my face like I am a 15 year old going through puberty???????????

totally not cool. and how come I haven't figured out a way to actually conceal breakouts like this? got any tips before I have to face the public again?

4. Yesterday I managed to burn my pointer finger on the hot glue gun, grate some skin off of my middle finger and somehow caught the grater on my thumbnail  so it broke it back into the nail bed, all on the same hand. I then proceeded to forget to put enough sugar in my zucchini bread mix, which means it tastes ok but not awesome like my mom's. Maybe I should take a break from cooking & crafting for a while.

5. This is my mom and I after a long day at the Living Proof Live Simulcast.


I have my sister in law to thank for my super cute outfit. She got me THIS top from  Forever 21 and adorable scarf from Aerie for my birthday. {technically it came from my brother too, but I think we all know he's not stepping foot in those stores!}  This is your friendly PSA to tell you HOW AWESOME THIS SHIRT IS!!!!! It is like a sweater material, yet is comfortable like your favorite worn in t-shirt.  My mom has already picked up her one and my sister in law is hoping to get her one too. Trust me, you will want this shirt in your fall wardrobe!

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  1. WHOA-- that shirt/scarf combo is awesome!!! Love it!

  2. You are adorable and I LOVE the first conversation with the youth kid. :)

  3. My favorite conversation was the one about going to another church.....
    I feel inadequate to be a minister's wife almost daily....

    Last Friday night we had 5th Quarter at our church. It basically consists of Middle Schoolers (around 55+ from the community), which is fine because apparently our High Schoolers are "too cool" to come.
    However, just to punch us in the gut a little bit....our High Schoolers (that go to our church and don't come to 5th Quarter) threw a party for one of their friends (who lives across the street from the church). It was a surprise party, so they had all their friends park at the church and walk from the church over to her house, so Julia wouldn't see the cars. So.....we had High Schoolers walking THROUGH 5th Quarter all night long, to get over to Julia's house, but obviously not coming to 5th Quarter.
    So....basically they are "too cool" for 5th Quarter but can use our church parking lot as their own private, convenient parking lot, while walking over to a party....


  4. you just said what I think we all were thinking to that little girl, hopefully she repeated it to her mom! kids need to think before they speak, hard lesson perhaps, but a good one. now if only we could teach that hs girls mom, she says her daughter needs a good role model....maybe they can all hang out and help you with the jr high kids :p

  5. Love your outfit and your mom looks awesome too.

    As one pastor's wife to another, I think you just have to do your best and be sensitive to the Spirit's leading. None of us can do everything or be everything to everyone.

  6. It seems to me you are doing a wonderful job as 'the minister's wife'. You are giving your willingness to God and that says a lot! Love this blog!!


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