Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Weekend.

We packed up last Friday morning to head to my hometown for my cousin's wedding. We stopped along the way to enjoy Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and to look at Lowe's for some eventual updates we'll be doing in our house. We got to my parent's house around 2 and my brother and family made it in later that night.

The cousin's had fun playing together for most of Saturday and we enjoyed a relatively lazy day, until of course the rush of trying to get 6 adults and 2 babies ready hit! 

{hey cuz... let me show you how this works}

{don't you be eyeing my food g man.}


Blaire looked gorgeous in her dress and we had a great time at the wedding, though it was cut short because we had to book it back home to be here for church on Sunday. {sometime's it stinks to work on Sundays!}


I know weddings are all about the couple, but I gotta admit, these two were quite the show stopper in their matching outfits!


And finally, I just have to share my new favorite picture. We were trying to get a good family picture during the reception, but Mr. Flirt was making that hard! We were facing the band and he was HAMMING IT UP in front of them! So much so that they actually stopped singing and were laughing and commenting on how cute G is {which we obviously already knew!} 


Congrats Tanner and Blaire! 


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  1. Love the new family picture Abby! Yall look amazing! ❤


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