Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Smellin' Good

I mentioned a while back that I picked up a new pair of Tevas. I stand by my initial judge that they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I definitely wear them at some point every single day and would (and kinda sorta am) consider buying another pair.

I chose Tevas over a new pair of Toms because I thought they would be a better fit with all of the summer activities we have going on.  {no socks with toms + summer heat = bad combo.} Well imagine my surprise when we got home from youth camp, we're having a lazy night watching tv and then I realize something is letting off an awful stink. After some smelling and searching, there was no denying it was my feet. And more specifically, my beloved Tevas!

After googling it, turns out that stinky Tevas is quite the common problem, which is definitely a buzz kill on my perfect summer shoes! There are a few options listed for how to clean them, but I chose the easiest, though definitely a little strange.


Yep. I froze them. As strange as the idea seemed, Cody and I have both heard something before about freezing your jeans and killing the bacteria. All it took was a few hours of my time, so I had nothing to lose by trying it!

The verdict?

I would call it mostly successful :)  My left shoe doesn't smell anymore, but the right still has a tinge of a weird slightly stinky kinda rubbery smell.  I think I will probably try to freeze them every few weeks to keep the smell in check. Thought I would pass along this strange technique in case  you too have stinky Tevas to take care of!


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