Monday, July 22, 2013

Little Prince.

Anyone else find it humorous that we are so consumed with British royalty?

I wasn't one to wake up early to watch the full coverage of the wedding, but I did enjoy looking at pictures of her dress and seeing snippets of coverage on the news. I haven't followed much since then, other than occasionally clicking on a story in a magazine. So why is it that as soon as I find out the Royal Baby was finally coming today, I felt the need to spend my day constantly refreshing Twitter waiting to hear what the news would be?

During my 274th time to check Twitter, I've decided that even if you don't follow regularly, it's just so easy to want to like Kate and to keep up with her story. Cody said it's because she's pretty, but I think it's because she's nice and seems so down to earth and normal, which only makes her prettier. {I'll also say, the girl has some great style.} When the news came through that it was a healthy baby boy, I watched a few minutes of coverage on E! and saw the hundreds of people gathered around the palace, so excited to celebrate the newest Little Prince. I imagined Will and Kate, snuggled up safely in the hospital room, taking in the wonder of their new family and this perfect baby boy in front of them and I was transported back to our hospital room, those first few days of soaking in Griffin and the overwhelming love I felt for him and how even though I'd only known him for a short while, I would do anything for my son.

And today, out of nowhere, I found myself crying for Princess Kate. Can you imagine the enormity of raising your son under the glass dome of being the Royal Family? The pressure that must come with continually being watched and knowing that paparazzi are following your every move?  I know she's experienced it for quite some time now, and maybe it's even old hat to her by this point, but there's something about adding your baby into the mix that, I imagine, elevates the anxiety of being watched so closely by the outside world.  As much as I would love to see pictures of a mini-William all decked out in suit-n-tie, I hope that they will get the space they need the grow as a family.

Becoming a family is such a learning time period and I know they will handle it with such grace and poise, and hopefully some freedom to just be themselves during the process. I have to admit, I would fall head over heels in love with Kate if she showed up to some event with spit up on one of her cute coats.  I'd definitely follow along with the royal mom who's just keepin' it real!

Are you a Will & Kate follower? Did you find yourself getting swept up into the story today, even if you don't know much about them?



  1. I felt exactly the same way today! And was so excited when thy announced it was healthy and they were doing well. I can totally relate to what you mean about always being watched. That must be hard!

  2. I was also taken back to those first few hours as a brand new mom in the hospital - the joy of looking at this little being that was just a few hours ago inside of me. I can't imagine the pressure she must be under but at least she has all kinds of help if she needs it. Now I can't wait to find out the name!


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