Monday, July 15, 2013

Home Again.

Well we are finally home from what feels like the longest week ever. We left last Sunday to meet the grandparents to hand off Griff for the week. We left bright and early Monday morning for our High School camp at Camp Chaparral near Wichita Falls. The days leading up to camp were hectic, with students continually changing their minds as to if they were going or not.. yes I am, no I'm not, yes I can, no I have {fill in the blank with lame-o excuse.} In the end we took nine students and they were such a blast. We seriously couldn't have taken better kids that made the week easy on us.  Here are some highlights from the week:

1. The speaker, Jon Randles, was great. He really did a good job not only speaking to the unsaved students, but also challenging long time Christians to take it deeper and be a leader in the youth group. It was slightly de ja vu to listen to him speak, as 10 years ago, Cody and I both went to a college service in Lubbock to listen to him. He's still bringing it though and our students really enjoyed him.

2. Y'all, in case you didn't know, Wichita Falls in dad gum hot. And even though I wanted to keep a positive attitude for the students, sometimes it's just hard to not complain during rec time. It was confirmation that I am not cut out to be the outdoorsy type, as I don't like sweat running down my back at all hours of the day.

3. If you work with students, here's a really fun game to play called "What Are The Odds?" Here's how it works: I would ask Cody, what are the odds you would eat your dinner sitting under the table? He then answers me anywhere from 1/10 to 1/100. {the higher the odds, the less likely you want to do the challenge} Once Cody gives me his odds, he then tells a number between those odds to a friend (such as 3). I then try and guess the number. If I get it wrong, he's off the hook. If I get it right though, he has to do the challenge! Thanks to "What Are The Odds?" we had students: eat under the table, eat a pizza/mac n' cheese sandwich, deliver a fake phone number to a girl and say you're welcome, had a boy shave his legs and made Cody chug two random drinks left sitting on a coffee table.

photo.PNG      photo.JPG 

It is seriously a fun game that keeps everyone laughing.

4. One of our girls used the bathroom one last time at 12:45 before heading to bed Wednesday night and we all kept asking her if she turned on the shower. She promised she didn't turn anything on but I made her check on last time before we went to sleep. I can still her voice quietly saying, "Um, guys... we have a problem!"


Yep. A water leak at 1 am. By the time we got maintenance there, cleaned it up and double checked that it wouldn't cause any more problems, it was close to 1:45 before we got to sleep. Definitely made for a rough, tired week!

5. Cody's parents passed Griffin off to my parents Wednesday morning. Griff was running a slight fever, then progressively got hotter on Thursday and ended up with the worst case of diaper rash he's even had. He was in so much pain, cried his eyes out during every diaper change and was feeling awful all day Thursday and Friday. I wasn't planning on going to get him until Saturday, but couldn't stay away knowing he was feeling bad. I ended up heading home on Friday about an hour after we got home from camp. He was still not himself on Saturday, but each day we saw a little bit of progress and by today he's just almost back to 100%. My poor mom deserves a major award for making it through this, I know it was just as rough on her!

6. Cody has one more short trip left for mission trip, but thankfully all of our major traveling is done now for the summer. We made it... now it's time to rest and recover! :)


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