Monday, July 8, 2013


The funny thing about having kids is that it causes you to take a look at everything you're doing wrong in your life that you don't want your kid following in your footsteps. Some of it can be easy to fix {make the bed every day} , others take more effort {become a better spiritual example}, all of it can be overwhelming.  So, it's all about the baby steps to try and make sure that I don't somehow ruin this child we've been entrusted! :)

Because of the G-man, I'm trying to work on my fitness. I want him to enjoy being outdoors and not be dependent on tv and video games. Which leads me to this confession: Y'all, I want to be a runner. I've given it a go several times, starting the Couch-To-5k program multiple times, even doing a few 5ks and once a 10k.  All of which I have apparently never blogged about or at least purposefully didn't tag so that people couldn't track my lack of progress.

I started the program again once I stopped working and was doing rather well with it (almost through week 4 while pushing Griff) when our vacation and church camp happened.  Since I don't want to be a runner bad enough to actually work out while I'm on vacation, I came back after a two week break and was prepared for a major setback and possibly even having to start over.  I fiddled around for several days, bemoaning how bad it was going to be when I actually did go run, until I had wasted almost another week at home and not one run actually took place.

Finally, one day after Griff had gone to bed, I just made myself go out and do it to get the worst out of the way. Imagine my great surprise when I was not only able to run some, but did at least a full mile and a quarter without stopping. It was totally awesome and miserable all at the same time, {I felt all of those vacation ice creams with every step!}  but I still did it. And then a day or so later, I did it again.

On the 1st, I read a post about a July running challenge with Hausofgirls and I knew I at least had to give it a shot. After Griff was in bed, I laced up and headed out again and completed my first day of the challenge. 


Since then I've completed 10 miles total and in the process I've figured out why the Lord has probably kept me from becoming a runner all of these times:

my pride!  :)

Seriously. There's nothing I love more than coming in after a run and gloating all day to Cody about what I just accomplished.  Luckily for me, he's a good sport and let's me be a total ego maniac when it comes to my running.  That's how I know he's a keeper!

There's still time to join the challenge, either walking or running! Just use #50MilesInJuly on your instagram photos! Get to movin'! :)


*in full disclaimer, I feel like I should tell you that you can pretty much replace every "run" with "wogging so slow I'm not totally sure she's not just wogging." you know the phrase "at least you're lapping everyone on the couch."? that is totally the only people I'm lapping! ha!*

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