Friday, June 28, 2013

Project Progress.

We planned on meeting my parents to pick up Griffin on Sunday after we got back from camp, but after a delay in our leaving and not making it home till almost 4, plans changed and I was going make the 3 hour drive, spend the night with them and then head back on Monday with Griffin.  Thankfully, as I was gassing up to hit the road, my mom called and convinced me to stay home. They were going to be heading our way for a work trip on Tuesday anyway, so it wouldn't be out of the way for them to drop G off. Plus they wanted to spend the night!

I am so thankful that my parents were willing to keep him a couple of extra days! I was able to get caught up on all of our camp laundry (how do two people make 7 loads?!) clean the house, and get several projects done that have been on my list for too long.

The first project I tackled was a fresh coat of paint on our kitchen table.  I've planned on painting this since we first got it almost 3 years ago, but I never could decide on a color. Our previous house had the living/ dining room combined, so I already had a lot of colors going on and never found something for the table that wouldn't clash. I'm so glad I waited to paint it, as it's now in it's own room and not competing with another piece of furniture I have that is this same gold color. {Sweet Honey from the True Value color line}

photo 2.JPG

I still need to distress and stain it, but I am already so in love. It seriously makes the table look so different! I was going to paint the chairs the same color, but when I was putting them back in place, I decided I really liked the contrast in colors.

photo 3.JPG

So now I'm thinking I need to paint them something different. This is the fabric that I'm going to recover the chairs with:

photo 2.JPG

We already have red in the room in both the rug and the curtains, so I'm really leaning towards a paprika orange for the chairs. What do you think? I'm open to opinions and suggestions for what you think would look good!

The other project I tackled was to finish the curtains for beside our front door.

photo 4.JPG
{this picture is taken from our hallway}

While I love these little windows and how much light they let in, I am afraid that someone is going to come to our front door and catch me walking down the hallway in my undies. {we all know we do it!}
I didn't want the curtains to be too heavy, so I bought one panel from Hobby Lobby, cut it in half, finished off the edges and viola! I feel safe walking in my house again!  I tied it off with some simple orange burlap ribbon from HL and love how it turned out.

photo 5.JPG

photo 3.JPG

While I missed Griff like crazy, I'm so thankful for the couple of extra days so that I could make some real progress in the house! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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  1. Haha! As a frequent underwear streaker, I can relate to the window dilemma (our door also has a narrow window to one side. Somehow, I never cared much about keeping it covered until Isaac came along. About 2 days after getting home from the hospital, I was breastfeeding on the couch (our front door opens up to the living room), heard a knock at the door, and suddenly our sweet elderly neighbors were peering into our house! Hopefully they didn't get an eyeful, but as soon as they left, we covered the window with whatever we could find at the moment.... which happened to be sheets of printer paper.

    It's still there, btw.


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