Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Griffin - 9 Months

I can hardly believe our sweet boy turned 9 months old on Tuesday! And forgive me, but as a parent, I can't help but be cliche, where has the time gone??  It seriously feels like we were just making our 5 mph drive home from the hospital and now we are on the downhill side to a year!

Griff has grown so much developmentally this month and his little personality is really starting to come out. He's weighing in at 19 lbs 6 oz (35%) and is 26 in long (10%.)  Yeah... it's not looking like Griff will be topping 6 feet some day! Our pediatrician is very please with his size and he's following along the growth chart well. We did ask him about his eyes, as you can see in the pictures below that they do turn in sometimes.  We're going to watch it and reevaluate at a year, but because both eyes are turning in at some point or another, it most likely that the poor kid just has a really wide bridge that makes it harder to focus and not a sign of a bigger problem.
park 1

I try to talk a walk several times a week with Griff and we usually end up at the park. He loves digging in the sand and trying to eat whatever he can find, if I'll let him!  His biggest changes happened about a week and a half ago, when G got two teeth, started scooting, learned to go from laying down to sitting up, and pulled up for the first time! I can't imagine how much his brain hurt from all of that growin' he was doing! If he really wants to, he can technically crawl, but army crawling is much quicker so he sticks with it!

We can mark down our first words in the book, which is a slight toss up between Ma Ma and Da Da. Girf first repeated Da Da after us occasionally when prompted, but never at Cody. He would then babble "da da da da da" a lot, but didn't seem to connect who it went with. I tried my hardest for a Ma Ma, but got absolutely nothing. Last Thursday night we were huddled in the bathroom without power during a storm and G was playing with something that he shouldn't have been. When I took it away from him, he yelled, "BAHHHH! MA MA!!!!"  Cody and I were both like, "Say what?!?!" and Griff kept repeating Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma.  Since then, Griff has continued to use Ma Ma quite frequently...   when we take something away from him, when he's hungry and I'm not getting the food quickly enough, when I put him down for a nap and he's not ready to go to sleep... it's real sweet! :)  He has actually said both Ma Ma and Da Da when reaching out for Cody and I, which is just about the sweetest thing ever.

park 2

We are working on more finger foods. Graham crackers remain the favorites, though green beans, gold fish, sandwich meat and tortillas are becoming easier  and quicker for him to eat. Sleeping is mostly good. He's going about 12 hours each night, with about 2 nap times and one rest time in the afternoon. Naps are kinda hit of miss on if he falls asleep, but I at least make him stay in the crib for the whole time.

We moved him up to a big boy car seat last week, thinking it would make him happier when we put him in. Yeah... he still screams at first! We went with a Diono, so we shouldn't have to buy another car seat from him! {which is really strange to think about.}

And finally, while we know Griffin loves us, it is clear who is his favorite!

 {also, Griff TOTALLY repeated me tonight and clearly said PUP PEEEEEE. I was trying to catch it on camera, which is why I am repeating it over and over!}

Happy 9 months sweet boy! We love you so much! 


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