Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Art

A few weeks ago Cody sent me a link to a super cute craft:


I don't normally do much decorating for Valentine's Day, but now that Griffin is a part of our lives, I want to make holidays a fun treat. Because having hearts displayed is key to my five month old's development :) Don't worry, I know he won't remember this, but at least I'll feel like I did my part to make it a special day!

Board (the website makes a rather large heart. I used a 10x10 board because we had it on hand)
String (sparkly silver found at Hobby Lobby in the yard section)
Paint (bright pink)
Nails (make sure they have a large head on them so the string won't slide off)

I followed the directions listed on the blog, though my heart is much smaller than what they made.

let's hope this time consuming project is worth it!
{in progress} 
 After painting your board, draw your shape on a piece of paper, tape it down and then follow the shape. I am obviously lacking hammer skills, because even though I was following a patter, the outside of my heart looks a little wonky!

After you have all of the nails in, grab your string and secure it to a starting point. {I started with my top center nail.} You then just crisscross and wrap the string around the nails until it's as full as you want! I will say that I didn't always wrap the string full circle around the nail head, but would try to do it about every 4th or 5th nail so that the string wouldn't slide off and everything come flying at me!

The final step is to outline around the border to make your shape stand out more. While mine looks much better with the outline {I ended up outlining it 3 times} the outline is what shows off my uneven heart shape even more! Luckily for me, Griff isn't much of a critic :)

{the finished product!} 

Check out The Francis Family for more Valentine's crafts!



  1. Saw this on Kelly's Korner's linkup, what a neat idea! That could even go on a wall in a kid's room, or make a smaller version and include it in a gallery wall! Love it!

  2. I found (and am now following you) thanks to Kelly! :) I love this, it's so simple and cute! Can't wait to give this onw a go :) Great job, doll!


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