Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For Sale: My Insecurities.

Well, this officially happened on Saturday:

um, this just got real.

We have everything picked up and in it's place, the closets are clean and looking spacious and projects we've put off for three and a half years have now been completed. In short, our house has never looked better!

I have always thought I was a relatively secure person, but listing our house for sale has apparently confirmed otherwise. Now I spend my days running the battery down on my phone as I constantly check to see if a realtor called and is going to drop by to show the house and I somehow missed hearing it ring. And of course, no one has called so I start telling Cody... our house has been on the market for a full three days now... why hasn't anyone wanted to come and see it? do we need to take some furniture out? do we need to repaint? OH MY GOSH IS IT NEVER GOING TO SELL AND WE'RE GOING TO BE STUCK APART FOREVER???????????????????????????????????????
{drama queen much?}

Everything else has so quickly an easily fallen in to place and only confirmed that we are supposed to move to Snyder, so my prayer has been that selling our house would be the same. And Cody is totally right when he looks at me like I have crazy eyes and tells me it's too early to start freaking out, but y'all, I'm kinda freaking out. So, if you would join us in saying a prayer that the perfect family will find our house and offer us the perfect amount we need, I would greatly appreciate it. Your prayers may keep the sanity in our marriage :)

To do something more productive with my time, I thought I would showcase a few pictures of the house since I don't think I ever did a proper house tour after we bought it. I'll break it up into a few posts as to not overwhelm you. And just a warning.. if you don't like color.. you may not like my house! Let's start with a walk down memory lane from the day Cody and I signed the paperwork to make our official offer:

CIMG1350    CIMG1348
{we went to Jamaica the summer we bought our house. we were so tan and skinny.}

The previous owners of our house rented it out and once they decided to sell it, bought a 5 gallon bucket of industrial white paint and went to town on everything: any free wall, baseboards and some doors. This is what our living room looked like when we first saw the house:

{looking straight ahead from the front door}

{looking to the right of the door}

{what became my craft room}

Talk about some bad staging... hunter green curtains, hodge podge ficus trees and plants, odds and end canvas paintings that had no rhyme or reason.  While their current decorations certainly made the house look a little unkempt, we fell in love with the open dining/living room space and wanted to make it our own. 

Here is our current living room:

{standing at the door looking straight ahead}

{looking to the right}

{looking into the living room from the entrance into the kitchen}

We obviously painted and added a mantle about the fireplace. I know the green is certainly not for everyone, but I'm thankful for a husband who lets me choose a color that makes me happy, even if it is rather bold. My mom actually found that mantle for $25 at a ReStore in Amarillo. I have to say, I will be sad to leave it!

Here is my special space in the house: my craft room.{though this is GREATLY cleaned out in prep for our move!}


I'll be honest, this room is normally a wreck! But I've enjoyed having a place to call my own and work on my projects. Having space for me to craft is definitely something that I have listed as a must have in our next place!

Next time I'll show you our kitchen and all of the updates we did to it. It's quite the transformation!


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