Sunday, November 11, 2012


Guess who was a big boy and went to the nursery for the first time today?


This guy!


Of course he did great and all of the workers raved on him. Funny enough, one of the ladies actually went to high school with my dad! Her mom is friends with my grandmother and was told to look for Griffin at our church!


Cody actually had a harder time with taking him to the nursery than I did. Understandably though,  as I work the nursery every other week and he keeps Griff during those times, so Sunday mornings were their time. As much as I like having him with us, it's really hard to pay attention. Now that Griff has his two month shots, it was time to bite the bullet.


I can't say that I wasn't wanting to check my phone every 2 minutes to see if the nursery had called us about a problem, but we all made it through the morning. Surely it will get easier with each passing week, right?


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  1. I've yet to send L to the nursery, but this week she was especially loud during the sermon (she's discovered her voice - not crying, just yelling) so we might have to bite the bullet next week. It's just that our weekends together are so precious, I hate giving her to someone else, even for an hour!


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