Friday, October 12, 2012

The Last Beholder Book 1 { a giveaway! }

I could not be more excited to share this giveaway with you today!

 Erin is a long time family friend {I debated showing a picture of us in the bathtub at about 2 yrs old but decided that might be too embarrassing for the blog!} She is creative down to her bones and I have always been inspired {and slightly jealous!} by her many talents.

Yesterday, under their pen names of M.E. Wyatt and B. Wynn, Erin and her friend Megan released their first book, The Last Beholder, Book 1.

last beholder

 I've had the privilege to get a copy early and while I'm not finished with it yet, I'm hooked on the story! Here's a little taste for you:

 It all started the day Gus murdered the ficus. 

Which also happened to be the day Wallis watched her hair turn to gold. 

 After an unspoken and even more unlikely alliance forms the day their parents marry, Wallis and Gus soon discover that there’s a reason for every feeling of un-belonging they’ve ever known. It doesn’t take long for the adventure of a lifetime to begin right under their feet -- teaching them to look beyond what they are able to see into what they are able to know. And maybe even remember.

 This is a story about true things that sit just a layer behind what our eyes can see.
 This is a story about how two misfit kids learned their own value -- not just in the ordinary world around them, but in the extraordinary world of the way things truly are.

 Journey with Wallis and Gus to lands far beyond, which, it turns out, are hiding just beyond the cracks of this world.

 I am so excited to have two copies of The Last Beholder Book 1 to giveaway today! I'm giving you one freebie entry and then you can earn extras by liking Wyatt and Wynn on Facebook and tweeting about the giveaway. Take a few minutes to to check out their website too, plus read the reviews on Amazon! {if you're reading this in google reader and don't see the rafflecopter to enter, click over to the blog to be able to enter!}

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

 The give way will go till next Wednesday and I'll announce the winner Thursday. Congrats again Erin- I'm so proud for you!

 In case you want to read more about their inspiration behind the story, check out this guest post Erin did!


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