Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello 1 Month!

griff 1month 4

I can hardly believe it, but Griffin turned 1 month on Friday!

 {let's just say, break my mama heart that it passed so quickly!}

We haven't had an appointment in a while, but Cody weighed him this week and we think he's almost 9 pounds. We'll go at the end of October for his two month check up and will have official stats then.  Needless to say, Griff is eating well and it seems like we find new rolls on him every day. 
griff 1 month

Griffin is just such a sweet baby. I really have no idea how we lucked out to get such a gift!

While we had a few days that he was slightly fussy, he really only cries when he's hungry or needing a diaper change. We have been treating him for a mild case of thrush, and I think that definitely contributed to some of his fussy days.

griff 1 month 5

He's eating between every 2 and 4 hours, though we've had a few times where he went 5 hours. {such a dream!} I'm working this week on trying to start implementing a little bit of a schedule. We're loosely following the Baby Wise method, Griffin style. He is awake for most of the morning and then takes good naps in the afternoon. Most nights he eats and then goes back to sleep quickly. Some nights he does want to stay up and party, but at least he's not crying all night long. 

griff 1 month 2

I'm so thankful that his hair hasn't fallen out yet, though I keep holding my breath waiting for it to happen. I never thought it would be me, but I am pretty sure I'll be that crazy mom who's kid has a mullet, only because it might break my heart to have to cut off his lucious locks! 

griff 1 month 3

We are just so head over heels in love with our little man and never knew our lives could be so full! 

{what are you saying hello to?}


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  1. Those stickers are PERFECT!!! Did you design them? And he is just oh so sweet. Give him snuggles and kisses for me :)


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