Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blog Advertising

 I've got a question for you and would definitely love your feedback. I'm looking to draw more traffic to my Etsy store and am considering paying the money to advertise on some well known blogs that have a great deal of traffic. While it's not a great deal of money I would have to invest, I do want to make sure I'm spending my money in a way that will actually produce some shop orders.

If you follow or read a blog that has sponsors/advertising on it, do you mind answering these questions for me? {Feel free to answer whichever you prefer in the comments!}

Do you actually pay attention to the sponsors or just have a general knowledge {probably based off of a picture on the side} that the blog has them?

Are you more likely to be interested in the sponsor if the blog hosts a giveaway of their item?

How likely are you to visit the shop of a sponsor or use a coupon code?

If you have any other opinions have on blog sponsors, please feel free to leave your thoughts!

Speaking of my shop... I've got a few new prints in, along with bringing back some holiday favorites! I know Christmas is still a ways away, but I like to get my decorating done right after Thanksgiving so I wanted to have the prints available so you have plenty of time to shop! {these also make great affordable gifts to give to your friends early!}

new etsy prints

christmas prints

And just for something fun, if you leave a comment about your thoughts on blog sponsors, I'll email you a coupon code for free shipping! {if your email account isn't attached to your google log in, you might want to update that or at least leave an email address with your comment!}

Head to Etsy and have fun shopping!

Thanks for your help!


  1. Honestly, Abby, I never look at who "sponsors" a blog....I read A LOT of blogs (I'm a bit of a blog stalker)--many people of whom I don't really even know--but I never look at sponsor giveaways (if they have a particular blog post dedicated to it). Most of the time (in the first place) what they are trying to sell is too expensive for me anyway, but I also don't really read blogs to "shop" I read blogs to read.....
    So, to me, I don't ever look at sponsors (but, I'm also not an "internet shopper" so I might not be the best person to ask)....


  2. I typically read blog posts through my Google Reader and only click over to the blog if I leave a comment. So I rarely see the advertising on the actual blog. However, I do pay attention to giveaways and/or coupon codes because I do like to shop online (and get free stuff!). Hope that helps!

  3. I rarely look at advertising on blogs, or if I do I barely ever click through. However, coupon codes or sponsored sales/giveaways within a blog post(with good pictures) are almost always a sure fire way to get me to click through to a site to see what they have. I love internet shopping, but for the most part know where to find what I want. Although, it's awlways nice to find new niches every once in a while.

  4. 1.) The majority of blogs that I read, I read through my Google reader. However, when I do click over to the blog itself I rarely notice sponsors unless the blog author makes a point to mention or highlight them. Then my interest is piqued and I'm more likely to go check them out.

    2.) Yes, yes, yes, yes.

    3.) It just depends on if what they are selling/producing is something that I need or fits my style.

    Check out Kelle Hampton's blog. I love the way that she works sponsors into her posts and her view on them in general.


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