Monday, September 3, 2012

Checking In.

Y'all. I hardly even know where to begin. This past week has flown by and felt like a million years all at the same time. I sat down today and tried to think about what we were doing last weekend and seriously had the hardest time remembering. Don't worry though, it eventually came back to me :) I want to recap the that weekend and will then post about Griffin's birth day. It was the most incredible day of my life and I don't want to forget a moment of it!

Last Thursday Cody and I started what we called "A Tour De Restaurants." We knew it could be a while before we were able to go out to eat again {at least easily!} and we had several birthday coupons, so we wanted to put them to good use! We shared a burger and got out the door for about $2. Can't beat that deal!

Friday was my last day at work before starting my maternity leave and it was the most surreal feeling ever. It is so weird to have to basically shut down your office and know you won't be back for about 3 months. Cody and I planned on going to Target that night to get the last few items off of our registry, but ended up falling asleep and taking a long nap, so we just got dinner and then came back home.

Saturday morning we went to a picnic for Cody's work, where the majority of my conversations consisted of the following information: Tuesday is the big day! It's a boy! We're naming him Griffin. Yes, we're so excited!

The real star of Saturday took place without us. My brother Nathan and his wife Kaitlan had their gender reveal party!

the family all dressed in their guesses {disclaimer: my mom is not pregnant, just wearing scrubs that fit my dad!}

I really debated asking my doctor if she would give me permission to go, but in the end decided it would be too hard of a weekend. Plus I didn't want to go into labor in Lubbock! They did a Princess & the Pro theme and all of the pictures are adorable!


{major props to Bami - she made the golf balls by making cake balls, then dipping a crochet hook into boiling water to make each individual divot! that is love people!}


Cody and I were able to FaceTime in for the big reveal and are so excited to announce that Griffin's first cousin Jaxson will be arriving in January! I could pretend like there was a chance for it to be a girl... but I just knew it had to be a boy! I see lots of mischief taking place in the future with these too!

After the reveal Cody and I headed out for our last date night for a while and made a Tour De Restaurant stop at Chili's. The most notable moment of the night was when the waitress asked if we wanted any margaritas or drinks. We laughed and I pointed at my belly and she said, "Wow! I didn't even notice!" She was probably lying, but it was still sweet of her to say! We tried to take a picture that night but waited too late, so we had my parents take one the next day.

{it is totally acceptable for you to say, WHOA! LOOK AT THAT BELLY!}

My parents came down late Saturday night after the party. They ended up getting here pretty late so I didn't even see them till Sunday when we met up to celebrate my last birthday lunch! {considering that I knew Griffin and I were going to share a birthday, I knew who would be getting all of the recognition from here on out!} We had a great meal wrapping up Tour De Restaurants at Genghis Grill, took one final afternoon nap, then got a few projects done around the house.

{as far as Tour De Restaurants go, I think I can attribute my 3 lb weight gain in my last week of pregnancy to it!!}

Monday morning my mom and I headed out for pedicures {pretty toes are a must for delivery!} then we all did a few things around the house before Cody and I headed to our dr.'s appointment. We chose a late appointment in order to be able to walk right over to the hospital, but it was dumb, dumb, DUMB on our part because we had to anxiously wait around all day long! Here we are before we left the house:


{the sweetest book ever that my mom gave me. she bought it 11 years ago to give to me someday. i can't read it without bawling.}

{one last family photo with one less than impressed member!}

We really thought the appointment would go super quick and we'd be home in time before having to go back to the hospital at 5, but we ended up having to wait a good while before seeing the doctor. I had quite a painful week last week, so I just knew she was going to have great news for me about my progress!  Once again though, she told me I was at a 1 and 50% effaced. She did at least say that he was at a 0 station, which was really good news. {if you're not familiar with this as I wasn't before having a baby, they rank their position in your pelvis from -3 to +5. -3 is still high, +5 is out.} We then received our papers to check into the hospital, called our family with the news, made one last stop at Sonic and then checked in to start the process!

more to come... eventually!



  1. I just about cried seeing Griffin's blanket peeking out from behind yall in the pictures. So sweet! Can't wait to meet him in person!!!

  2. Darn it you can imagine, the midwife in me is totally NOT ok with the "to be continued" part of this story - I want birth details. Anxiously waiting! Congrats to y'all! :)

  3. Oh, this little peek of the nursery makes me happy! What I can see looks absolutely fantastic. Love, love, love the bookshelves!

    And seriously, you win Most Stylish Pregnant Woman. So chic :)


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