Friday, August 24, 2012

insta-friday 23

this week brought back my instagram passion and I found myself snapping lots of pictures. here's what we've been up to! 

hard day at the groomer's, but someone is now ready for griffin's arrival! baby leg warmers {in process}

someone was tired and cuddly after a hard day at the groomers // baby leg warmers in progress!

little man has a coming home outfit. now if he would just decide to bless us with his presence! manly men, hard at work.

little man's going home outfit! // manly men hard at work, moving in a couch

couch standing in the hallway. totally normal.... a family I worked with this year just brought me a thank you basket. so thankful for such a sweet gesture!

it's totally normal to have a couch standing in your hallway, right? // a sweet family that i've worked with this year brought me a thank you basket! I was so touched & really appreciated the gesture!

cody offered to make dinner but I wouldn't let him. obviously calzone making should be left to the professionals like myself. after 4 years, I figured it was time to frame this.

cody offered to cook dinner for us this week, but obviously calzone making needs to be left to professionals like myself! // after 4 years of marriage, I figured it was time to frame this!

with this pregnancy winding down, it was time for one cliche picture! {38 weeks} I love birthday freebies!

38 weeks & enjoying every moment! // I love birthday freebies!

newly decorated behrens hall. totally adorable. i want this for my house! happy fit.

a newly decorated lobby of our freshman girls dorm. seriously, so much cuter than when we lived there! could also be my inspiration for sprucing up our living room! // late night happy fit from kota. homeboy goes crazy running around the house and it's always good for a laugh!

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  1. Love your little mans going home outfit!!! I'm 32 weeks, also expecting a little guy, picking his going home outfit and getting hospital bags packed are on my to do list!

  2. OMG that going home outfit is fantastic! I love the leg warmers! Those calzones look pretty amazing too :-)

  3. Hello, I'm stopping by from the InstaFriday linkup. Congrats on your new addition. It looks like your home is busy with activity! How exciting for your family!

  4. Oh that couch - that does not look fun! Hopefully your walls aren't all marked up. That wedding shot of you is gorgeous :)

  5. Congratulations on your baby boy! We have a rambunctious 15 month old-- boys are so fun! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

  6. Stoppin' by from Life Rearranged :) Great the baby stuff...adorable!!! Congrats too!!! Have a great weekend!


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