Friday, July 20, 2012

insta friday twenty something

here's what i've been up to... 

not a bad way to spend the afternoon.
pool side thanks to friends with a great backyard

project time!

while @codyneinast's away... I get to play!
while cody's away, this is how I play

photo 1.JPG
while i'm away, homeboy turns the house up. to each his own!

taking a bag full over to be recycled. I try my best to speak @codyneinast's love language.
i try to speak cody's love language whenever possible. this time, it was through recycling.

spending lots of time in waiting rooms today. glad to see our little man though!
two doctors appointments on monday made for lots of time in the waiting room. glad to know he's doing well though!

gettin' wild and crazy at nabep 2012.
gettin' wild and crazy at nabep (a work conference i went to.) this picture is funnier when you know that nabep is an organization of baptist colleges. so all of these recruiters were walking around drinking root beer, but the bottles looked a little deceiving!

photo 2.JPG
found this chart for how many diapers we will need. made cody sit down before breaking the news to him.

photo 3.JPG
 has anyone tried to fix broken make up? i've seen something on pinterest but am worried to try it for fear of ruining my mac make up. {as if it's not already bad enough!}

that's all i've got! check out life rearranged for more instafridays!
life rearranged



  1. Haha I love the rootbeer! I went to a Baptist college so I can imagine the jokes :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad to have found yours too!

  2. I haven't tried the makeup fix yet, but have wanted to. I wonder if it would be worth buying a really cheap compact you don't care about and breaking it intentionally so you could try the fix on it before trying it on the expensive stuff. If you don't already have something you could try it on that is. Glad you are doing well!


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