Monday, June 25, 2012

Locked Out.

So around these parts, we're still feeling the effects of last years extreme heat and drought. Because of that, we're only able to water our yards by sprinklers once a week. Now, most of the time, {read: ALL} Cody takes care of the watering for us. He's created a system with 3 sprinkler heads which makes watering easier and quicker, which I appreciate but haven't cared to learn about.

Unfortunately, Cody left last Wednesday morning for a work event and with the heat we're having, there wasn't any way I could justify not watering our yard on our one night for the week. He did leave me with a detailed drawing of how he arranges the sprinklers around the yard, so after church, I sat about watering. I'm not saying that I did it perfect by any means, but at least I was getting the job done.

I started in the back yard and worked my way to the front. Eventually it was time for the last section. I arranged the sprinklers just right, making sure it was reaching the edge of the yard without watering the street like Cody asked, turned the water on and headed back into the house.

Only the glass door wouldn't open.

Yeah. Earlier in the evening, as I was watering the back yard but had our main front door open, I locked the glass door justincase somebody came up.  Better safe than sorry when the hubby is away! The problem with this was that I forgot that I locked the door before I went out to move the last section. I might have gotten lucky, as sometimes the door doesn't close all of the way, but my resident guard dog went outside with me to move the water and jumped on the door, looking inside and signaling to me that he. wanted. in. NOW.

Yeah smarty pants - I want in too!

I jiggled the door. Nothing.  Tried the handle again. Nothing. Cursed myself for just having locked the back door after finishing up water. Walked to the back to double check, even though I knew I locked it. My only hope and prayer was that during all of our car trouble, I moved our garage door opener to our other car that we don't drive much, that supposedly has a spare key hidden. So I felt around the car, begging the hidden key to jump into my hand.

No such luck.

I ventured over to my neighbor's house, explained that I locked myself out and asked for a flashlight so that I could actually see the car and see the hidden key. And that folks, is how the 7 months pregnant lady ended up crawling on the ground, scooting under the car, searching for a hidden key.  Now, thankfully, there is no actual photographic evidence of this event, but here's what I'm 99% sure it looked like as it was happening:


The worst part is that I put all of that effort into getting under the car and I never found the key. It was at this point that I was cursing myself that we haven't ever hidden a house key anywhere, so I had to go back over to the neighbor's to see if they had any type of tools that we could possibly jiggle the door open with. While it's not really in the budget right now for us to purchase a new screen door, I figured breaking it to get me into the house would be the cheapest out of any of the options I had.

Luckily,  it only took him a few minutes and one tool to get the door open and he didn't even have to break anything! I called Cody as soon as I made it into the house and told him I'd learned my lesson: I'm never watering again!!


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  1. Oh makes me think of my own experience when I was 9 month pregnant! We'd just moved into a house, my mom was in town & my husband was at the gym. Locked ourselves out while food was cooking on the stove, which began smoking! Had no choice but to throw rocks through a window panel of the door so we could reach in and open the door! Not a fun experience, but we look back and laugh about it now!


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