Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

Why yes, it's Tuesday and I'm just now thinking about a weekend recap. That's what kind of weekend it was.

It started on Friday night with a retirement reception for one of Cody's co-workers. The highlight of the night may have been when the honoree said to me - "When I saw you the other day I turned to Penny and said thank goodness she finally looks pregnant!"  I am believing that she was trying to tell me that I have carried this extra weight so well I just looked like my normal self... and not that she was saying these past couple of months I've been stuck in a chubby phase!

After going to bed at 10 {on a Friday night. I'm that cool.} and sleeping in till 9, we jumped up and headed out to a few garage sales. We lucked into a very nice neighborhood that had boy baby clothes for a quarter a piece. Griffin now has his first Texas Rangers onesie to wear, hopefully as we're cheering them on in the World Series! It's 0-3 months though... so he will probably only get one wear out of it! Here's hoping he's a good luck charm that night!

Cody was also able to replace his ski pants for a whopping $5 and then we stumbled into a Boy Scout garage sale where we scored a chair that rocks (I would say rocking chair, but it's not like that!) for the nursery for a whopping $15! Currently it's a lovely velvety rose pink and looks like it belongs in my great grandmother Murr's house. It is the perfect size for me and fits just right, so it's worth finding a slip cover for!

After a late breakfast, we then headed home and my productivity kicked into over drive. I really think I accomplished more on cleaning our house this weekend than I have since the beginning of my pregnancy. I know that is awful, but it's true. Not even just simple vacumming/dusting/kitchen cleaning, but also clearing off the mantle and fireplace, redecorating and storing items that have just been sitting out for far too long. I am still debating making myself sometime of ribbon to wear to promote my accomplishments, because I'm just that proud!

Sunday was filled with church and working the nursery, in which Cody helped me and had to change the diaper of a super squirmy baby. I laughed when I maybe should have helped. That afternoon was filled with a great nap and my first visit to the pool. I'm so thankful to have friends with a pool that are willing to host the pregnant lady so I don't have to go lay out with all of the college kids. {doesn't that sound fun?!} I did have a Beyonce song playing in my head on repeat as I headed to their house - I don't think you're ready for this belly!  They didn't act too scared thankfully :) And while I was getting the start of my summer tan, Cody and a friend headed to see The Avengers. I think Cody is still in awe and can't wait till he can see it again.  Let's just hope he moves past the idea of Griffin Avenger Neinast!

Finally, I packed up and headed out to my parent's house yesterday to spend the week doing a few high school visits before school is done for the year. Four hours in the car with a hurting back, a tiny foot stuck in my ribs and a super whiny dog who had an upset stomach made for a VERY long day. I think it was some mean form of pre-initiation into motherhood. Let's hope Griffin travels better in the car than Dakota does!

And that is our weekend recap. Whew!


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