Sunday, May 13, 2012

{ happy mother's day! }

I was lucky enough to get to spend this past week staying with my parents and working up in the panhandle. Don't get me wrong, I love Cody and our life in Abilene, but there's just nothin' like time with your momma. She spoiled me rotten and I loved every minute of it.

I'm not really sure how we ended up in this conversation, but we were talking about memories, mother guilt and the like. My mom mentioned that as a mother, you seem to remember more of the things you did wrong that what you did right. She might hate that I'm posting it, but I loved the story she told and I have absolutely no memory of it at all. She was a teacher, so during the summers, my mom, brother and I would always take a week to go stay with my grandparents in Ruidoso. For this particular trip, my mom had been up super late the night before trying to finish up last minute packing, so she was already tired and a little stressed. As she watered the plants before we loaded up, she asked us to feed the dog and we'd be ready to go. Being siblings, {I was about 3rd grade and my brother 5th} we couldn't make anything easy and had to fight over who was going to do it. Apparently my mom got fed up with us and ended up turning the water hose, spraying us down, and just telling us to get it done. While my mom did say she was embarrassed that she lost it on us, I just had to laugh. I seriously don't remember this happening at all, but someday I'm sure it will make me feel better when I turn the water hose on our kids!

Even though my mom may claim that she only remembers the times that she messed up, that's certainly not what I remember. Here are some of my memories that stick out:

- I'm not sure what we even fought about that day but we obviously started the morning off on the wrong note. Later in the day my teacher brought me a little gift and note from my mom that said I love you. Everything was right again. I still have the note in my room at home to this day.

- Being the understanding teenager that I was, I remember being in the 8th grade and telling my mom that I wished she could drop me off at school. {ha, sorry dad!} She then made the effort to take me a few times, even though I now know it probably made her days much, much more hectic.

- All of the shopping trips we took together. Working and understanding the value of a dollar now, I have SUCH a great respect for my parents. How in the world they kept me clothed in American Eagle, Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch, I'll never know. I take that back. I know it took self sacrifice on their part and even though I didn't appreciate it back then, I certainly do now!

- Even after we lived together for six weeks while she took care of me after my heart surgery, we both still cried when she left. It was such a fun time together and I wouldn't trade that time for the world.

These are only a few of the many memories I have with my best friend. She has set such a great example for me and is the reason I am so excited to start my own journey into motherhood. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you, water hose and all!


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